NCC Exposes Fraudulent Scheme of Duplicated NINs Causing SIM Card Barriers

NCC Exposes Fraudulent Scheme of Duplicated NINs Causing SIM Card Barriers

NCC Clarifies SIM Card Disconnections Amidst NIN Linkage: The Duplicated NIN Menace

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has stepped forward to explain the perplexing issue of certain subscribers facing SIM card disconnections even after linking their cards to their National Identification Numbers (NINs).

According to the NCC, the root cause lies in the disturbing phenomenon of duplicated National Identification Numbers.

Unveiling the Culprit: Third-Party Agents Duplicating NINs

During a media briefing held in Lagos, the Commission disclosed that some subscribers are falling victim to third-party agents who engage in the unethical practice of duplicating NINs.

The duplications are often discovered during system audits, allowing the identification of the legitimate NIN owners.

Insight from NCC’s Director of Compliance, Efosa Idehen

Speaking at the press briefing, Efosa Idehen, the Director of Compliance at NCC, shed light on the issue, stating, “On the issue of already registered SIMs and NIN, the issue is that some of those SIMs were registered with duplicated NINs.”

He emphasized that when system audits occur, the true owners of the NINs are identified and reclaim their rightful connection.

Unraveling the Web of Deceit: SIM-NIN Linkage Exploited for Illicit Gains

Idehen acknowledged the existence of fraudulent activities within the industry, particularly concerning SIM-NIN linkage for monetary gains.

He expressed concern over the damage caused by agents involved in SIM registrations who contribute to the prevalence of duplicated NINs.

NCC’s Objective: Ensuring Unquestionable Ownership of SIMs

In response to the challenges posed by duplicated NINs, the NCC aims to rectify the situation and establish a scenario where subscribers can confidently claim ownership of their SIMs without any doubts.

The revelation highlights the importance of addressing fraudulent practices within the telecom industry to ensure the integrity of SIM-NIN linkages.