Seyi Vibez, the 23-Year-Old Musical Maverick, Opens Up on the Misperception of His Age and Unconventional Lifestyle

Seyi Vibez, the 23-Year-Old Musical Maverick, Opens Up on the Misperception of His Age and Unconventional Lifestyle

Seyi Vibez Dispels Age Mystery: Unveils the Unconventional Side of His Youthful Journey:

Nigerian music sensation Seyi Vibez, born Seyi Balogun, delves into the mystery surrounding perceptions of his age, shedding light on why many believe he is older than his 23 years.

In an insightful interview on Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio, Seyi Vibez unveils the unconventional aspects of his life that contribute to the age speculation.

Doing the Unusual: Seyi Vibez’s Lifestyle Choices Impact Age Perception:

According to Seyi Vibez, the reason behind the age speculation lies in his inclination towards activities that defy the norms expected of someone his age.

He suggests that his lifestyle, marked by unique choices, sets him apart from his peers and inadvertently leads to assumptions about his age.

Music as a Silent Communicator: Seyi Vibez’s Preference for Expressing Through Songs:

In an intriguing revelation, Seyi Vibez shares that he finds solace and communication through his music.

The 23-year-old singer discloses that he prefers the art of crafting melodies to vocalizing conversations with people.

For Seyi Vibez, the act of recording is not merely a profession but a means of expressing thoughts and emotions that might remain unspoken in regular interactions.

The 23-Year-Old Prodigy’s Unconventional Journey: Pushing Boundaries to Preserve Inspiration:

Addressing the notion that he engages in activities deemed beyond his age, Seyi Vibez emphasizes the importance of pushing boundaries and staying committed to his craft.

He expresses the need to keep recording not out of obligation but as a dedication to ensuring his inspiration remains vibrant and undiminished.

Introverted Roots: Seyi Vibez’s Preference for Music Over Verbal Communication:

Reflecting on his childhood, Seyi Vibez discloses that he has always been inclined towards introversion.

The singer confesses that he dislikes engaging in extensive conversations with people, a trait that has steered him towards using music as his primary mode of communication.

A Plethora of Unreleased Songs: Seyi Vibez’s Musical Journey Beyond Released Tracks:

Contrary to assumptions, Seyi Vibez reveals that his catalog extends far beyond the songs he has released to the public.

With a reservoir of unreleased tracks, the artist emphasizes that his creative output goes beyond what meets the ears, showcasing a depth of musical expression that is yet to be unveiled.

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