Why is 10GBPS Dedicated Server an Ideal Choice For Business?


The world is turning into a huge digital platform day by day, with everything coming online. One can observe a rapid rise in web businesses. If you want a smooth user experience for your visitor traffic, then a 10GBPS Dedicated Server Hosting might be your best option to run your business smoothly with fast speed. 

We will justify the benefits and suitability of a 10 Gbps single-tenant server in this article. Continue with the article if you feel the need to purchase one, as we have also mentioned about the best 10 Gbps server hosting in the market. Let’s move on and find out the meaning of this type of hosting.

10GBPS Dedicated Servers Hosting 

A dedicated server hosting is one where only a single user uses the entire web resources. There is no intervention of other users inside the physically separated server. This is why it is called a dedicated server, as the web resources are dedicated to a single user. Now comes the term 10 ‘Gbps’. It is basically a port speed through which data is downloaded or uploaded. 10 Gbps speed is equal to 10,000 Mbps. 

A speed of 10 Gbps combined with a single-tenant server hosting is a powerful combination. We can understand this with an example. A bullet train has a speed of around 300 km/hr, while a normal train has a speed of 200 km/hr. The speed range is much higher in a bullet train, but a normal train cannot reach faster due to the speed capping. The same concept applies to a 10 Gbps connection; the range of port speed is very high then other types of server hostings. This gives an edge to the client while uploading or downloading the data. 

Why is 10 GBPS Dedicated Server Hosting an Ideal Choice For Your Business?

These types of services are ideal for gaming, banking, telecommunication, e-commerce, media, machine learning, etc. High-traffic websites require unlimited bandwidth and huge disk storage space for large data sets. A dedicated server with a 10 Gbps port speed can offer both specifications to the client. Such server hostings offer hardened server security along with excellent connectivity. A physically separated space on the server facilitates complete utilization of web resources and zero intrusion from other web businesses. 

This plays a critical part in securing the website’s data. If your business is associated with video streaming or high-quality images, then a 10 Gbps port speed is the perfect match. The suitability of such hostings with businesses is on another level, with greater flexibility in terms of the upgradation of web resources. One should always keep in mind that having a managed hosting service will lead to better handling of other important tasks. Have a brief look at the compact list of benefits of such server hostings for businesses. 

How is 10GBPS Unmetered Dedicated Server Hosting Beneficial For Business?

  • Top-class connectivity

Top-grade connectivity can be achieved through the proper utilization and availability of web resources. A single-tenant server hosting is much better than a shared one in terms of web resource consumption. A dedicated server with a 10 Gbps port speed offers exceptional network connectivity to the client. The client gets top-notch data transmission speed which eventually results in a much smooth user experience.

  • Unlimited bandwidth

Bandwidth is the transmission of data over a metered or 10 Gbps unmetered server. The client gets an unmetered dedicated servers with such high port speed resulting in a never-ending flow of bandwidth. This facility is very important when a website faces a high-visitor traffic situation. A limitless bandwidth ensures gold-standard uptime for the website. 

  • Automated monitoring

High-performing web businesses require robust safety of data. The facility of automated monitoring with a 10 Gbps server ensures the prevention of any technical issue or cyber threat. The server is automatically rebooted as per the requirement without any hassle.

  • High-level security

Web businesses with large data sets need enterprise-grade security to avoid data loss or corruption. Such hostings equip the server with anti-DDoS applications. A DDoS threat usually disrupts the genuine traffic on the website leading to poor user experience and lower SEO ranking. When you use a single tenant-server with a very high port speed, you tend to secure your trade USP, your client data, and your website’s unique template. 

  • Remote access

The client gets complete root access with a dedicated server to manage the hosting. The access includes installing, removing, and configuring any software or application. Such a level of access allows the client to optimize the website’s performance without the intervention of the hosting provider.


  • Smart client support

A single-tenant server facilitates better client support due to the fact that it hosts an individual client at a time and not a bunch of different web businesses. This leads to a swift resolution of any sudden technical glitch or server issue. You certainly don’t want to stand in a queue and wait for help when the issue arises. Web businesses with large data sets require ASAP problem resolution.

  • Better scalability

Any web business is a growing opportunity in today’s world. Opportunities give a chance to grow, which ultimately leads to better brand awareness. You will get high-visitor traffic with increased brand awareness. You will eventually require to upscale your current resources in case of rapid growth. A dedicated servers 10Gbps unmetered will facilitate the platform to upscale whenever the need arises.

Which Hosting Provider Offers Best Dedicated Server With 10GBPS Port?

Serverwala Cloud Data Centers renders best in class 10Gbps dedicated server. Their cost-effective pricing with a global presence of data centres makes them stand out. Serverwala uses the latest-gen server technology to facilitate an unwrinkled client experience. The platform has smart in-house client support to deal with any unexpected issue. Serverwala’s cheap dedicated server unmetered with 10gbps port clients get absolute transparency in terms of service level agreements.


The rapidly increasing pace of web businesses has given rise to superior hosting services. A 10 Gbps server plays a vital role in satisfying all the high-visitor traffic requirements. With automated monitoring, remote access, unlimited bandwidth, and robust connectivity, the client is assured of top-class server hosting performance. Go for Serverwala’s smart 10Gbps servers hosting plans if you want the best user experience for your visitors.

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