Nigerian Woman Rejects Money Offered to Sell Baby to Chinese Expat Boyfriend

Nigerian Woman Rejects Money Offered to Sell Baby to Chinese Expat Boyfriend

Tope Samuel, a Nigerian woman hailing from Ogun State, has bravely shared her story of resilience and maternal love after rejecting a substantial sum of money offered to her in exchange for selling her baby to a Chinese expatriate who had turned into her boyfriend.

A Love Story Turned Complex

Tope’s narrative gained widespread attention when she took to social media to express her distress after her Chinese expatriate partner abandoned her following the birth of their child.

The Origin of Their Relationship

Tope recounted how she initially crossed paths with the Chinese expatriate while they were both employed at the same company.

Their professional connection eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship.

A Joyous Yet Unexpected Twist

Their love story took an unexpected turn when Tope became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy.

It was at this juncture that the attitude of the Chinese expatriate, whose name she is yet to ascertain, underwent a significant change.

The Proposal to Sell Her Child

Tope revealed that her partner offered her a substantial amount of money in exchange for her newborn child.

However, she vehemently refused this offer, firmly standing by her cultural beliefs that babies should not be sold to their fathers.

Facing Adversity

Unfortunately, the situation worsened as the Chinese man faced legal repercussions for his refusal to acknowledge his responsibilities towards both the mother and their child. Consequently, he returned to his home country.

Facing the Consequences

Tope disclosed that she not only lost her partner but also her job at the company they had both worked for because of her unwavering decision to protect her child and uphold her cultural values.