Why does LG IMS keep stopping Error Occurred?

Multiple LG users have often complained of receiving ‘IMS  stopping error’ on their devices. The occurrence of this error has increased ever since the Android patch update. Whenever this message shows up on the phone, users are not able to access their device properly. The problem has mostly affected the devices connected to T-Mobile telecommunications. Despite the fact that the manufacturers and the programme developers acknowledge the existence of this error, there hasn’t been any development to resolve the same. 


In this article, we will make an attempt to know in detail about this error and the ways to fix it. 

What is the LG IMS stop error? 

Every LG device has an IMS application. This IP Multimedia Subsystem makes it possible for the users to make and receive phone calls and access other applications on the device. This is an important application for the users and its smooth performance is a prerequisite for a flawless experience. However, at times, an IMS has stopped working error, keeps showing up. This error is an identification that the device is not working properly. This message may occur at odd times and make you incapable of discharging your basic functions, thereby causing utter embarrassment at times. Hence, fixing this error becomes utmost important at this hour. 


Let us first discuss the common reasons behind the occurrence of this error and the ways to fix this up.

Reasons behind this error

There are multiple reasons behind this error. Excessive accumulation of the cached data together with a malware attack can be the most common reasons behind this error. While using the phone, users end up running multiple applications in the background. All of this may result in the occurrence of this error at times and prevent the users from using their device normally. 


Therefore fixing this error becomes extremely important. Simply dismissing this error will not help to resolve the cause because this error will come up again. However, fixing this error can be a bit challenging for the users at times. Many users have complained of their inefficiency in dealing with this error despite resetting their phones. Here we will be explaining some most commonly used ways to resolve this error which can be effective to an extent. Users can also consider combining these methods together to get the adequate results. 


Methods to fix this error

LG IMS keeps stopping error, how to fix it is a pertinent concern for LG users. There are different types of methods used to resolve this error. Let us discuss the most important ones.

Reboot your phone

To resolve ‘LG IMS stops working error’ you can reboot your phone. Rebooting your phone can help to fix the random bugs by removing them from the device’s RAM that may exist on your device and prevent it from working. Rebooting helps to get rid of these bugs in a hassle free manner. 

Update the LG IMS App

If your LG IMS application is not updated, it may end up causing compatibility issues and result in the occurrence of ‘LG IMS keeps stopping error’. Updating this application can help you to fix this error easily. Here are the steps you need to follow to update this application. 

  1. Go to Google Play Store on your Android device. 
  2. Click on the hamburger icon to access the menu. 
  3. Select My Apps and Games from the menu. 
  4. Search for the LG IMS application in the App list. This would come under the installed application.
  5. Click on update. This will download the latest version of the application to your device. 

If updating the application does help much and error keeps popping up again, then you can also uninstall this application and re-install that again. This may help you to a greater extent. 

Clear cache

As already mentioned, accumulation of excessive cache can be the reason behind the occurrence of this error. Hence, you can clear the cache and operate your device with ease. Follow these steps to do the needful. 


  1. Tap the LG IMS application icon. 
  2. Go to the information icon. 
  3. Click on clear data. 
  4. Tap on Clear Cache. 
  5. This helps to clear the cache easily. 

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We have discussed the causes behind the error and the ways to fix it. There may be a possibility that any of these methods is not helping to solve this error. In such a situation, you can try using multiple methods at the same time. This may help you to operate your device without any issues. 

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