Why Creating a WFH Setup is Important for Remote Workers

If you’re used to the process of commuting to a corporate office space on a daily basis, it can be a major transition when you’re working from home. For many people, the ability to work remotely is such a joy because it saves so much time on commuting, packing lunch, and more. The ability to work in your pajamas is an idea many people dream of. However, from a logical perspective, working from your bed is not the wisest choice. Consider some of the reasons why creating a WFH setup is important for remote workers.

1. The Ability to Focus

If you’re opting to sit on the couch in your living room, you might get distracted by the television or family members in the household. If you’re in another common area like the kitchen, you can get distracted by snacks or the dirty dishes in the sink. If you’re in your bed, you might fall asleep. It’s important to maintain a designated environment that’s specifically for your work. Even if you set up a workspace in a small corner of a room, a desk and chair provide a great start for your ability to work. Using headphones that play classical music, brown noise or ocean waves can help you get into the zone as well.

2. Boundary Creation

Your boundaries are important because they allow you to compartmentalize your life in a healthy way. One of the reasons why a lot of people don’t like to take work home is because they want to associate their homes with love, laughter, and relaxation. When you’re working from home, the boundaries can get really blurred. In order to maintain a sense of healthy boundaries, consider developing your own start and end times. This only applies if your boss hasn’t assigned designated times for you. During the times when you’re in the home office, find ways to set up boundaries. You might opt to put a sign on your door that says ‘Do Not Disturb’. If you’re working in a small corner of your bedroom, set up a chic divider that allows you to block off that space in a chic way visibly. When it’s time to get in the zone and work, set up those physical boundaries. As the timer goes off, leave the home office zone and don’t return until it’s time to work again. This boundary is significant for creating a sense of work/life balance.

3. Overall Productivity and Comfort

When you’re working in an uncomfortable wooden chair or a worn-in couch, this can impact your ability to be productive. When you’re sitting and working for hours, create a space that encourages comfort. Invest in a chair that supports your back. If you tend to reference a lot of reading material for work, set up a small bookcase that holds all of your materials. When you’re comfortable and feel as though you can easily navigate your work environment, the process becomes more efficient. Working from home requires a certain amount of technology. Whether you’re using multiple computers and tablets or other types of electronics, outlets and access are essential. Living in a complex like the Folksong Apartments works beautifully because they make space for needs such as multiple USB charging ports. Those details are easy to overlook until you realize how much you need them at the moment. Easy access makes the process of working more productive and comfortable.

4. Organization

Working from home requires a certain level of focus, agility, and efficiency. As you work from home, organization arises as an important factor as well. If you can’t find a specific document, streaming camera for meetings, or your favorite pen, it’ll interfere with your ability to work. By creating a designated WFH setup, you’ll decrease your chances of losing items in a careless fashion. When everything has an assignment, you can maintain a clean space without much thought.

As strategists and economists propose their research regarding remote work trends, it’s clear that remote work isn’t going anywhere. While it’s here for the foreseeable future, there are a few challenges to consider. One of the main challenges of remote work is the ability to remain visible to upper-level management in order to be considered for pay raises and new positions within the company. As remote workers need to remain competitive in the ways they stand out, their WFH capabilities must increase. By curating the perfect WFH setup, you’ll create the environment you need in order to make your career thrive.

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