“Why all seven men you dated dumped you” – Michael Uba to Tolanibaj

Michael Uba Reveals Insights on Tolanibaj’s Relationship Woes

Nollywood actor and comedian, Michael Uba, recently shared his thoughts on reality star Tolanibaj’s string of unsuccessful relationships.

Tolanibaj’s Revelation on the Bahd And Boujee Podcast

In a recent episode of the Bahd And Boujee Podcast, Tolanibaj opened up about her dating history, disclosing that all seven of her past relationships ended in heartbreak.

Michael Uba’s Advice to Tolanibaj

Reacting to Tolanibaj’s revelations, Michael Uba offered some candid advice, suggesting that she reflect on whether the issue lies with her choice of partners.

The Perspective from “Jenifa’s Diary” Cast

Drawing attention to Tolanibaj’s statement about her sole contribution to relationships, the cast of “Jenifa’s Diary” highlighted a potential factor in her romantic challenges.

Unpacking Relationship Experiences

Michael Uba emphasized that experiencing challenges in relationships doesn’t necessarily reflect on one’s character. He pointed out various factors, including making poor choices in partners and lacking the skills to maintain a relationship.

Tolanibaj’s Self-Reflection Urged

Uba advised Tolanibaj to engage in self-reflection, questioning whether her approach to dating and the qualities she brings to a relationship might contribute to the repeated disappointments.

The Complexity of Relationship Dynamics

In conclusion, Michael Uba hinted at the multifaceted nature of relationships, suggesting that understanding how to date and contribute meaningfully to a partnership is crucial for success.

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