Why do Prince Harry’s children have the same last name as the Mountbattens and who are they? Find out about some VERY hippie royal relatives, such as one who lives on a houseboat, a Made in Chelsea celebrity, and someone who wed a mermaid!

Learn about the Mountbatten family and their intriguing connections to the British monarchy, shedding light on why Prince Harry’s children share their surname. The Mountbattens include a range of colorful and unconventional relatives, each with their own unique stories and backgrounds.

At the center of this family is Louis Mountbatten, born in 1900, who was the uncle of Prince Philip and a significant adviser to the royal family. Known as Dickie, he had a complex relationship with the royals, often described as both influential and divisive. Mountbatten arranged the iconic first meeting between Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip during their time at the Royal Naval College. King Charles considered him a grandfather figure and often sought his advice.

Louis Mountbatten’s legacy lives on through his descendants, who include a mix of personalities and professions. One of the noteworthy figures is Freddy Knatchbull, a student and model with toffish connections, who is a member of the Mountbatten family. He’s the son of Curzon Cinemas CEO Philip Knatchbull, whose grandfather was Lord Mountbatten himself. Prince Harry’s children, Princess Lilibet and Prince Archie, carry the hyphenated surname Mountbatten-Windsor as a nod to both their great-grandfather Philip and their heritage.

Among the diverse group of Mountbatten great-grandchildren, you’ll find fashion entrepreneurs, artists, paramedics, models, and even a reality star. Their pursuits range from setting up businesses, overcoming personal challenges like addiction, working in PR and marketing, and pursuing careers in the arts.

The Mountbatten family tree encompasses a range of intriguing characters. From Freddy’s cousin Nicholas Knatchbull, who mentored Prince William at Eton, to Eleuthera du Breuil, who serves as a paramedic and lifeboat specialist, and Angelica Hicks, a successful fashion illustrator. Each member has their own story and contributions to the family’s legacy.

Despite the unconventional paths and unique challenges faced by some members, the Mountbattens collectively form a fascinating family tree deeply intertwined with British royalty. Their bohemian flair, varied accomplishments, and close connections with the monarchy make them an intriguing group within the broader context of British aristocracy.

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