Whitemoney Wins Ike’s Approval: BBNaija’s Mercy Receives Dating Advice

Whitemoney Wins Ike’s Approval: BBNaija’s Mercy Receives Dating Advice

Ike Onyema’s Advice to Mercy Eke on Dating Whitemoney


In a recent conversation among Big Brother Naija All Stars housemates, Ike Onyema offered some relationship advice to his former lover, Mercy Eke.

The discussion centered on whom Mercy should consider dating among the male housemates.

This advice comes after their previous romantic relationship ended on a sour note following their time in the ‘Double Wahala’ edition of the show.

Ike’s Candid Suggestion: During the conversation, Mercy sought Ike’s opinion on potential dating options among their fellow housemates.


Ike discouraged her from considering Cross or Kiddwaya as potential partners.

However, he gave his approval when Mercy mentioned Whitemoney as a candidate.

Benefits of Dating Whitemoney: Ike expressed his belief that Mercy would benefit from dating Whitemoney.

He highlighted two key advantages: Whitemoney’s exceptional cooking skills and his calm nature, which could contribute to a peaceful relationship.

Mercy Seeks Clarity: Seeking further insight, Mercy directly asked Ike what specific benefits she would gain from dating Whitemoney.


In response, Ike explained that she would enjoy the perks of delicious food and a sense of tranquility in their relationship.

Confirmation of Break-up: It’s worth noting that Mercy and Ike’s relationship had encountered challenges after their time in the ‘Double Wahala’ edition.

During an interactive session called #AskMercyEke on her YouTube page, Mercy confirmed their break-up, signifying that their romantic involvement had come to an end.

Ike’s Stance on Moving Forward: In a separate conversation with Venita, Ike made it clear that he has no intentions of reigniting a romantic affair with Mercy.

He emphasized that he would prefer to maintain a friendship between them, signaling a definitive closure to their past romantic chapter.


Conclusion: Ike Onyema’s advice to Mercy Eke regarding dating Whitemoney brings a new dimension to the dynamics within the Big Brother Naija All Stars house.

As Mercy contemplates her options, the viewers await to see if her decision aligns with Ike’s suggestion.

The journey of these former lovers unfolds with intriguing twists and turns, keeping the audience engaged in their unfolding stories.


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