Which is Better – Data Science or Full Stack Developer?

Which is Better – Data Science or Full Stack Developer?

Technology is starting to make itself felt everywhere, from private lives to the most prominent agencies and businesses. Therefore, professionals need to learn some critical skills if they want to succeed in their careers. Professionals struggle to decide on their area of interest when pursuing a career in the tech industry because there are so many options. Choosing one among the numerous readily available possibilities in the IT sector might be challenging because they all offer excellent growth potential and high compensation. 

This post will inform you about two fields—full-stack development and data science—that are outstanding career alternatives in the IT sector. Generally, it is believed that data science course is in huge demand and offers plenty of opportunities. On the other hand, full-stack development is a field that is becoming a more stable career option. 

A full-stack developer is accountable for developing and maintaining web applications. You need to have an in-depth understanding of the client-side and server-side. On the other hand, a Data Scientist is accountable for collecting, cleaning, and organizing data. You need to possess strong coding skills to design algorithms and models to identify insights and trends in data. 

To make a career in any of these domains, you can take courses provided by ed-tech giants. Many professionals prefer taking a Data Science Course to enter this domain. Let us have an overview of both of these job roles. 

Who is a Data Scientist?

With digital transformation going on everywhere, data is generated at an astounding rate. To deal with this massive amount of data, organizations need professionals called Data Scientists. Not all data present over the internet is relevant. To extract useful insights and relevant data, it has to be cleaned, mined, and analyzed. It is here that Data Scientists come into action. 

Basic Responsibility: Typically, a data scientist is tasked with collecting, cleansing, and organizing data by developing models and algorithms to identify insights and trends in data. As a Data Scientist, you need to work with all types of unstructured, semi-structured, or structured data. The insights are then visualized and reports are sent to concerned teams to help them make informed decisions. 

Top Industries: Being a Data Scientist, you can choose to work in the industry of your choice including Technology, Banking and Financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, logistics, retail, and entertainment.


The skills required for a Data Scientist include:

  • Python Programming
  • Familiarity with Apache Hadoop
  • Business strategy
  • Data visualization
  • SQL Databases
  • R Programming
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Salary Aspects

With the increasing demand for data scientists and a shortage of available talent pools, organizations are ready to pay lucrative salaries to deserving candidates. A report states that jobs for data scientists are projected to grow by 19% by the year 2026. According to Glassdoor, the median annual salary of a data scientist is around USD 113,309. 

So, this domain can be a great career choice if you like to work with numbers and data. This job role provides you with a great salary as well as job security. 

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

Web applications have marked a significant presence, and now we have various web applications for each of our tasks. Also, web applications are essential for almost every department in an organization. To develop and maintain these applications, organizations need skilled and trained full-stack developers. 

A full-stack developer is expected to have an in-depth understanding of the front-end and back-end technologies. The front end of a web application is what a user sees. You have to be strong enough in using front-end techniques in order to design an attractive and appealing front-end of the application. 

The back-end of an application is what provides functionality to the application. It works behind the scenes and makes the application interactive and responsive. Apart from the in-depth knowledge of some popular coding languages, you are supposed to possess a sound understanding of databases, including MySQL and MongoDB. 

Basic Responsibilities: Typically, a full-stack developer may be required to interact with clients or concerned stakeholders in order to know the requirements. You have to design the front end accordingly by using various front-end tools and techniques such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. To provide the functionality to the front end, you might use Python, R, Java, or JavaScript and develop the back end. Then comes the turn of integration, where you integrate both sides using database technologies. 

Top Industries: some of the top industries looking for skilled and trained full-stack developers include:

Information Technology

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals



Banking, Finance, and Investment Services

Skills Required:

Some of the most essential skills required to succeed as a full-stack developer include:

  • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS(Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JavaScript
  • Git and GitHub
  • Web Architecture
  • Database Storage
  • Backend Languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL
  • Basic Design Skills
  • HTTP and REST

Salary Aspects

A full-stack developer can expect to earn an average annual salary of around USD 106,08. Based on location and experience, the salaries may range between USD 60,000 to USD 165,000.

 The constantly evolving landscape of full-stack development is making the demand for them grow by leaps and bounds. To keep up with this evolution, you need to upgrade yourself. 

Full Stack Development Vs. Data Science: What to Choose?

As you have got the overview of both domains of the IT world, you might have seen that both offer huge salaries and great options for career advancement. The skill set required for both domains is different, and this may act as a deciding factor. To choose from data science and full-stack development, analyze your skill set as well as your areas of interest. 

If you like to work with numbers, statistics, and data in various formats, go with Data Science. If you like to work with challenges in designing, coding, and databases, choose to go with full-stack development. 

You can enroll yourself in an online training course to upgrade your skill set in any of these career options. 

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