Don Jazzy’s Confession: The Night Money Rained at the Club, and the N500 Note in His Bra

Famed Nigerian musician and music executive, Don Jazzy, left fans in awe with a recent revelation about his unexpected encounter with a shower of money at a club, where affluent individuals were generously making it rain.

The Night of Extravagance:

Don Jazzy took to social media to share his amusing experience at a club where the atmosphere was filled with the spectacle of big boys throwing money into the air.

The music maestro set the scene, describing the extravagant display of wealth as these individuals indulged in the tradition of making it rain.

The Unexpected Encounter:

In the midst of the money shower, Don Jazzy humorously confessed that a single N500 note managed to touch him.

In a swift and playful move, he admitted to discreetly tucking the note away in his bra, showcasing his lighthearted approach to the unexpected windfall.

Social Media Reactions:

As Don Jazzy shared his story, social media users couldn’t help but join in the fun, responding with a mix of humor and curiosity.

  • @jujupunter’s Playful Offer: One user, @jujupunter, playfully offered Don Jazzy some change, jokingly referencing sitting behind him at the club.
  • @egungunm’s Light-Hearted Comment: Another user, @egungunm, highlighted Don Jazzy’s status, humorously stating that if Don Jazzy can pick money, who are the others?
  • @Abelabsn’s Insightful Comment: Some comments reflected on Don Jazzy’s personality, with @Abelabsn suggesting that his actions were a result of being “the highest other” in terms of stinginess.
  • @dami4reign’s Curious Question: User @dami4reign jokingly asked if Don Jazzy wears a bra, adding an extra layer of humor to the conversation.

The Bra Chronicles Unveiled:

Don Jazzy’s candid revelation not only entertained his followers but also showcased the music executive’s playful and down-to-earth nature.

The incident became a humorous episode in the ongoing narrative of his life, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more of his amusing stories.


Don Jazzy’s disclosure about the night of money rain at the club, coupled with the bra-protected N500 note, adds another delightful chapter to the musician’s collection of amusing anecdotes.

The incident, shared with humor and light-heartedness, resonates with fans who appreciate Don Jazzy’s candid and relatable storytelling.

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