Migrant Caravan Leader Says Biden Has ‘Lost the Ball,’ Urges U.S. to Give No Money to Latin America

Irineo Mujica, the leader of a 5,000-strong migrant caravan heading towards the US border, has accused Latin American nations of “ganging up” on the Biden administration and creating artificial problems in order to extract money from Washington.

Mujica, a US citizen who describes himself as a human rights defender, told Real America’s Voice that he was “shocked” that Joe Biden was being played by Mexico’s president and other regional leaders. He said the White House “has a lot to learn.”

Mujica repeatedly said Biden has “dropped the ball,” and said he preferred Donald Trump because his policy on the border was clear.

“This is being used by the countries to make sure they get what they want from the United States,” said Mujica. “I am completely stunned. Joe Biden has lost the ball.

Where is the American intelligence? Don’t they know all the countries are conspiring against the United States to make sure they have this crisis be made? They make the baby, now they try to sell it.”

Mujica claimed that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexico’s president, was complicit in the chaos. He said the Latin American nations were “transporting people, letting people in,” as a way to get money from the United States to deal with the situation.

Mujica said he crossed with a group of people through the Darien Gap, the treacherous stretch of jungle separating Colombia and Panama, and the Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, turned a blind eye. He claimed the government was in cahoots with the drug cartels to profit from the migration.

Mujica said the Latin American governments “weaponize” the migrants, releasing or holding them at will to extract money from Washington.

“As an American citizen I would say: do not give Mexico or any of those countries that completely responsible, any money.

Give them zero cents,” he said. He added: “It’s not humane what they are doing. Because they are charging that blood, of the migrants, to the United States.”

Mujica said Biden had “lost the ball” and that his policies were worse than Donald Trump’s.

“I think the policies of Joe Biden are worse than Donald Trump, as Trump at least knew what to say to stop immigration,” he said. “He has lost all the respect of countries. Obrador can pull them in and get what he wants from the United States.”

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