What To Expect When You Get Porcelain Veneers?

Many patients compare veneers to magic. The reason is that it has magically improved their smile. It has made their smile flawless. These specially made thin covers help people achieve attractive smiles. Above all, it is recommended by dentist Kelowna to treat some dental issues as well. Examples of such issues include spaced-out teeth and chipped and stained teeth.

The good thing about veneers is that they are made using different materials. These materials are carefully selected in such a way that they make your natural teeth look better by protecting them from damage.

Above all, veneers are customized to fit your teeth. They are known for their resistance to stains and strength. They can mimic the light reflection of your natural teeth. Applying veneers is similar to dressing your teeth in their most attractive costumes. 

About Porcelain Veneers

Different types of veneers are available. Among them, porcelain and composite resin veneers are the most common types. Indeed, porcelain veneers will cost you more. Nevertheless, they can beautify your natural dental line besides safeguarding them. Also, they are here to stay for longer to protect your teeth. 

Why Should You Get Veneers?

Are you wondering why you should spend on getting porcelain veneers? If so, here are some reasons to get them to your dental line:

To Fix Dental Issues

  • Is your dental line oddly shaped? 
  • Do you have chipped teeth?
  • Is your teeth discolored?

If your answer to any of the above-mentioned questions is yes, you should opt for veneers. By fixing the issues mentioned above, veneers can make your smile look great.

To Strengthen Your Teeth

  • Veneers can function as a shield for your teeth
  • They can make your teeth stronger and
  • They can keep stains away

Apart from making your teeth look good, veneers can strengthen your dental line.

For A Better Look

  • Do you wish to achieve a smile that is always ready for a click?

If your answer is yes, you can opt for veneers. Yes, they can transform your teeth. In turn, you can get a lasting and natural star-quality smile. They can function as photo filters for your dental line.

What To Expect When You Get Veneers?

In case, you have decided to get veneers to protect your tooth, you should first contact a dentist in Kelowna. Here is what you can expect in this process:

Initial Appointment

During your initial visit to the dentist’s office, a detailed evaluation of your oral health will be done. Also, the dentist will talk to you to know what type of smile you look for.

At this visit, all your questions will be answered about veneers. Here is when the journey begins.

Get Impressions

The dentist will prepare your teeth for veneer placement. The dentist’s office will take impressions of your teeth to prepare customized veneers. Until the preparation process, you will be provided with temporary veneers to wear.

Once, the customized porcelain veneer is ready, the dentist’s office will call you to apply it. After applying, the dentist will provide you with tips to maintain it in good shape.

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