What is Princess Cut Diamond & Buying Guide

What is Princess Cut Diamond & Buying Guide


A diamond is a stone that can make any woman feel special. This royal gem is loved for its brilliance and fire, as well as its purity. There are four main types of diamonds used in engagement rings: round cut diamonds, cushion-cut diamonds, princess-cut diamonds, and marquis-cut diamonds. Each shape has its own unique features to offer (much like horses) depending on your taste and style.

What is Princess Cut Diamond?

The princess cut loose diamond is similar to the round cut, except it features more smaller facets around the stone’s face. It has a square-like shape with rounded corners with a visible outline of the table. Compared to the round-shaped diamond, this cut has 58 more facets and 57 more edges. The princess cut loose diamond boasts a different style of brilliance when compared to that of other diamonds – its radiant quality is apparent, yet it is not as dazzling as that of rounds or marquis cuts. Another noteworthy feature of the princess cut is its versatility. Diamond for sale in this shape are available in different carat sizes, and can be found in three basic cuts: emerald, asscher, and cushion. So you can also get skinny princess cut loose diamonds.

Princess Cut Diamond Buying Guide

There are several factors that you need to consider before buying a loose diamond: Cut, weight, clarity, color and price. You may only want a round diamond, but when you purchase from an experienced jeweler you may find yourself with something entirely different. A princess cut diamond is known for its brilliance and fire, which are in turn enhanced by the presence of a lot more facets per side than other diamonds.

  1. Cut

The cut of a diamond is determined by the proportions of its shape, as well as the quality of polish and symmetry. If you want to maximize the stone’s fire, brilliance and scintillation – you should search for a diamond with an excellent cut. For example, a princess-cut diamond offers more brilliance compared to a round-shaped stone. Although this type of diamond has its unique appeal, it may not be suitable for everyone. On the other hand, the round-shaped diamonds are often considered more classic compared to other shapes, owing to its popularity since centuries ago.

  1. Carat Weight

The next thing that you need to consider when hunting for a loose princess cut diamond is its carat weight . The carat is a unit of measurement used in weighing gemstones. Each carat represents one fifth of a gram, and it is divided into 100 units known as points. Princess cut loose diamonds are available in several carat weights ranging from 1 to 40 carats. The heavier the stone, the more expensive it would be.

  1. Clarity

Clarity is another important factor you need to consider when buying a loose princess cut diamond. Diamonds contain internal flaws or inclusions that affect its quality and value. Inclusions are the tiny mineral deposits inside the diamond’s crystalline structure, while flaws are external blemishes or cracks on its surface.

A flawless diamond will definitely cost more than a diamond with inclusions. However, there are lots of princess cut diamonds that are being sold at reasonable prices. You should be able to find loose princess cut diamonds with eye-visible inclusions and flaws within your budget.

  1. Color

The color of a diamond is determined by how much it is saturated by the presence of yellow or brown element impurities known as nitrogen atoms. There are many loose diamonds available in the market: Colorless diamonds (D, E, I and F grades or better), white or near-white colored diamonds (G, H, J and K grades) and pink diamonds (L grade). The color of a princess cut loose diamond may not be as brilliant as that of a round-shaped diamond due to the presence of nitrogen impurities.

What is the price of 4 carat diamond?

The price of a diamond varies depending on the carat weight, cut and other factors. price of 4 carat diamond varies from $28,000 to $160,000.

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