What is Document Management?

What is Document Management?

Today, different companies create a lot of documents and data as they work and communicate with customers, business partners. Although many are phasing out paper, they are still creating and receiving documents in their workflows.

Document management is a computer system and software for storing, managing and tracking electronic documents and images of paper information that has been captured by a document scanner.

It is how a particular company keeps, monitors and administers electronic documents. Document management software can save time and money. It provides document security, access control, audit trails and retrieval.

Modern document management systems vary in size and scope, from small stand-alone systems to large-scale enterprise-sized views that serve a global audience. 

Using software for this process greatly simplifies everything. You can set up automated workflows. Document management helps to maintain:

  • efficiency of the workplace;
  • confidentiality;
  • compliance with standards and regulatory bodies.

That is why document management is an important part of any company’s operations.

Principle of the System

A document management system allows you to organise documents in different ways. For example, by data type, file type, priority level or security. When new documents arrive, they are immediately captured and moved into it. 

At this point, the document management system can automatically add new information to the file, such as internal tags, metadata, and labels.

Afterwards, document management tool sort and store the new document or information based on set rules. It is possible to restrict permissions and edit information in sensitive documents so that only certain users can view documents and change information in them.

The Advantage of a Document Management System

If you compare manual handling of physical files, document management software reduces the risk of error, cost, search problems, and provides unlimited storage space.

Although most companies have physical systems for storing paper documents, this is becoming less common. Nowadays, most documents are created digitally before being printed on paper.

By using metadata, document management systems streamline digital document workflows and provide:

  • Additional security – through access control and editing rights to protect sensitive information.
  • Easy indexing for search and retrieval – this reduces the time to find the right documents.
  • Improved collaboration.
  • Version control.

Document management systems are a solution for the physical storage and management of files.

Who Should Use a Document Management System

This document management system is suitable for large and small businesses. It is the ideal solution for companies where documents, files are constantly being created, received and transferred.

All users of such systems benefit because employees can easily do their work regardless of the location – everyone knows when changes have been added to a document.

In larger companies, a separate person may be responsible for such systems. This person may be a records manager or a document control administrator. In smaller companies, the owner or office manager may be responsible for the system. Employees in these positions know how to use the software to manage and do their jobs and they also value information security.

PandaDoc – Assistance in Creating and Modifying Documents

It is important to have a document management system, but it is also crucial to have a programme that will simplify the process of creating documents. A proven one is Pandadoc, a programme with which you can write agreements, business invitations, contracts and forms. It has become a useful tool for many companies in Europe. Such a platform makes the work of company employees much easier – it saves the created documents in a repository. So next time, all you have to do is open the site and take out your finished document. It also allows you to send the finished contract to be signed by the other party. This will all save staff time by letting them streamline every document process.

The website is user-friendly and straightforward, and the interface is simple – even on a first visit you will manage to get to grips with the basic tools. Every task is completed quickly. A big plus is that it is possible to buy a special package, which includes even more useful tools for work. Privacy and data security are guaranteed for every user. Large storage space makes it possible to store all created documents securely. 

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