What Emerging Technology Trends Will Affect Dentistry in the Future?

What Emerging Technology Trends Will Affect Dentistry in the Future?

In the last few decades, technological advancements have revolutionized dental treatment, advancing dentistry significantly.

Innovations in technology are changing how we take care of our dental health, and the future is beginning to resemble the realm of science fiction more and more. Keep an eye on these new developments that will revolutionize dentistry, from smart toothbrushes to the possibilities of genetic engineering.

Before the pandemic, telehealth could have been in its infancy. However, it is increasingly a well-liked substitute for in-office consultations for both patients and experts. The advantages of reducing contact and halting Covid-19 transmission during a pandemic were clear, but what about after one? Teledentistry is proven to be popular even after dental services have resumed.It is being utilized as an instructional tool and for inter-professional discussions in addition to delivering treatment remotely. Additionally, it simplifies referrals and provides both patients and dentists with a number of advantages, such as:

    • Emergency Assessment – The triage procedure can benefit greatly from teledentistry. A dentist can determine whether emergency dental care is necessary (if any), if any. This saves time and makes in-person emergency appointments available to individuals who truly need them.
    • Quick Pain Relief – Even after hours, patients might get painkillers or medicines for conditions like abscesses.
    • Treatment Monitoring – Cost-effective treatment monitoring options include tracking the development of tooth movement during orthodontic treatment.
    • Safety – Teledentistry can give treatment to individuals in need efficiently and safely while also enhancing oral health. 

Smart toothbrushes
The use of a smart toothbrush will make it easier to maintain proper oral hygiene in the future and monitor dental health. These toothbrushes track brushing habits and push people to do better at it by using Bluetooth devices that link to an app.

This is helpful for adults as well as children, and it’s a fantastic educational tool. The use of personalized feedback reveals cavities-prone locations and enables accurate, targeted cleaning. By doing so, the necessity for treatments like fillings like dental decay and gum disease is decreased.

Augmented reality
You can scarcely talk about current dentistry industry developments without mentioning at least one of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and the Metaverse in general, given all the noise surrounding these technologies. The combination of computers, mobile devices, and the physical environment is referred to as augmented reality. It is a type of digital data that has been incorporated into the current physical setting. 

The immersive nature of AR applications is what has the potential to drastically alter both the lives of patients and dentists. Imagine a patient putting on a set of augmented reality (AR) glasses at home and being able to see 3D models of teeth being moved in real-time by a dentist while they describe their treatment plan. It would be as if the teeth were right in front of the patient. In the meanwhile, dental students get to practice on their models while relaxing at home using a tablet or other smart device.

The possibilities for augmented reality in dentistry are practically endless; they are only constrained by human imagination. They range from AR-based teaching programs to enabling dental patients to vividly see their aesthetic operations in 3D space.

3D printing
In many dental practices, CAD/CAM technology is already in use to create same-day crowns. Digital templates are created using computers and photographs from scans or on-site photos. This is sent to a milling device, which creates a ceramic crown right there in the office!

The 3D Printing technique and technology are the same. This has a variety of effects on the on-site dental office production of dentures, orthodontic equipment, and dental implants. By producing real tissue and bones, advanced bioprinting technology, which employs living cells, has the potential to revolutionize dentistry. This may be utilized for a variety of purposes, such as developing jaws or rebuilding gum tissue.

Regenerative medicine
Dental fillings made with stem cells can restore teeth, according to research from Harvard Medical School and Nottingham University in England. This method encourages dentin’s natural cell renewal mechanism. It demonstrates the possibility of self-healing teeth since it is the primary component of tooth enamel that generates new cells. The idea that one day we could be able to regrow our own teeth is amazing. Dental professionals and tooth fairies had better be on the lookout!

Genetic modification
One of nature’s most inventive innovations, CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats), has come to light. Scientists may now modify the genetic code thanks to technology, perhaps curing inherited diseases. It is one of the most recent advances in genetic engineering and might be used to fight cancer. However, it also offers significant advantages in dentistry and healthcare.

Technology application in dentistry may be some time off due to ethical quandaries and other concerns. However, research is being done on the bacteria in mouths. Oral plaque could go extinct if bacteria production is suppressed and biofilm development is prevented. Therefore, periodontal disease and tooth decay, the two most common and harmful oral disorders, may be coming to an end.

Dental health’s future holds a lot of promise. The area of dentistry is constantly evolving and adapting as a result of the introduction of new technology. These recent developments represent the future of dental healthcare, improving the patient experience. The future of oral healthcare is outlined by these new trends. The area of dentistry is constantly evolving and adapting as a result of the introduction of new technology.

The future of oral health is promising and promises to improve patient experiences. Therefore, going to the dentist no longer requires much effort, and if you’re seeking for the best dentist in Mesa,we highly suggest Dental Innovations.

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