What changes will bitcoin trading bring in 2022?

What changes will bitcoin trading bring in 2022?

If we look at the statistics we can find that Bitcoin has been quite successful during 2021. This valuable currency increased by approximately 70%, which brings the total value of the crypto market to two trillion dollars.
Here are some changes that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies trading may bring in 2022.

More countries could accept Bitcoin as legal tender

Let’s not forget that in September of last year El Salvador became the first country in the world to have accepted Bitcoin as legal tender; However, it is not the only one that allows transactions with cryptocurrencies, since there are other territories, these are some: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and Venezuela.
Likewise, Bitcoin is considered an important investment resource over other digital currencies. Although it is not the only option, but it is the safest despite having other options such as Cardano or Ethereum.
For this reason, we suggest you store or invest Bitcoin, you can make your first deposit in a secure digital wallet; In this way, you will have access to exclusive tools that will help you multiply your money, thanks to the precision of its algorithms with artificial intelligence that turn out to be very intuitive.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will give access to global players

Probably one of the biggest challenges for the developer is to release a game that can make money all over the world. Despite the great illusion that Visa or Mastercard advertising usually offers, accepting global payments is not as easy as it seems.
Developers’ ability to successfully recruit gamers from Brazil, China, or India requires them to run a payment processor that can accept both the card and the local currency.
Blockchain , the technology behind Bitcoin, changed the concept we had of currency because it completely eliminates the customer’s credit card. In this case, the user buys Bitcoin and then transfers it through the blockchain, it’s that simple.

Bitcoin technology could prevent cheaters

Bitcoin’s interest in video games stems in part from the growing acceptance of Blockchain as a long-awaited solution for security and improving the player experience.
In addition to the need to implement it to facilitate in-game cryptocurrency payments, the blockchain could help developers better handle bad practices in both multiplayer and role-playing games.
The use of blockchain to verify the sale of skins or resources can make the game more transparent , and as a consequence, avoid unfair advantages by players with access to pirated characters and abilities.

More online gaming fraud can be prevented

When paying with credit cards, the user has the option of reporting a fraudulent transaction to their bank , which later ends in a tedious refund.
In contrast, the adoption of blockchain would mean that transactions are irreversible unless the seller approves the refund and issues a new transaction immediately. The advantages also extend to customers, since it is more difficult to steal a key than a credit card number.

Blockchain could improve the player experience

In a recent article published by NewsBTC, it was revealed that the blockchain affects video games in three notable ways: multiplayer integration, tokenized incentives, and better competition.
For example, Blockchain can benefit multiplayer integration , because games based on this technology will not have server interruptions or poor performance, which is a common problem with high traffic, and latency can be reduced.
As for tokenization , this allows you to easily move between Blockchain platforms, in this way, they are not tied to a single space.
Lastly, competition is enhanced thanks to smart contracts , these can serve as a digital and impartial mediator for competitive deals.
There is no doubt that 2022 will be the year of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the blockchain. The safest thing is that in the course of the months we will continue to see that companies, people and governments will strive to adopt this type of commerce to achieve all the changes that we have presented to you previously.