What can I do on valentine’s day for a low budget

What can I do on valentine’s day for a low budget

Today’s valentine’s day, and I am here sipping wine and wondering what to do with myself today, asides from work obviously, #rollseye.
First of all, thank God today’s Monday, meaning, nearly everyone is working, but then, what happens after work? In my last Valentine articles, I wrote about the latest valentine’s getaway travel spot for lovers, even did a series on couples that met during valentine, but then again, this is 2022, the year following a global pandemic, downsizing and remote working and people being far away from their partners, pheeeew.
To those of you that don’t have money, but want to spend valentine’s with your boo, and probably asking yourself, “What can I do on valentine’s day for a low budget?” You’re in the right place. This blog post will highlight things you can do to spend valentine on a budget with your partner. Keep reading.
Spend quality time with your partner on Valentine’s Day
I admit that we live in a materialistic world where half the things are about money, ok, more than half actually, but look on the brighter side, you’ll be spending it with your partner. Love is a beautiful thing innit? beautiful things are often priceless, including memories, hahahahaha,  make memories.
So, after work, dress up, spray great perfumes, remember you’re the price; for the ladies, wear matching outfits or undies, ok, I think I am spoiling some of you now and go make memories, or whatever you interpret that to be, lol.
Take an evening walk around a park
Hey, mother nature doesn’t care about your pocket right? right, she just wants to wrap her hand around you while beaming down at you from the skies, so, take a stroll at a park, luckily, there are several natural parks around the world, so, wherever you’re, take an evening walk around a park near you and savour every minute with your partner, after all, love don’t cost a thing. Hold hands, look deep into the eyes of your partner, focus on your love for him/her, this is among one of the things you can spend for free without money on valentine’s day, do not waste it mourning about giving your partner the world when you can’t afford it, please allow us to stay on earth, haha.
Netflix and Chill
Ok, this is for the night, when valentine is almost over, but, hey, if you aren’t working, or like me that works from home, time to active plan Netflix and chill.
Put on romantic rom-com, I can suggest a few for you; “He’s all that, Holidate, Resort to love, the kissing booth, and many others. I know you’re working on a budget, thank God data is cheap in some countries, for those that data aren’t cheap, pardon me, you can skip this.
Warm up to your partner and enjoy the movie, after all, it’s the efforts that count right? Right.
Pillow Fight/breakfast in bed
If you’re like me, a baby at heart, pillow fights are the best form of care, breakfast in bed, for those in America, it’s morning, wake up and smell the freaking coffee, for those in Africa, common, dinner in bed won’t be bad.
Buy a small gift for your partner
This is me giving you the cheapest things to do today; from buying low-budget gifts for your partner such as matching heart-shaped pendants, to boxers, to taking your partner on a spa date, doesn’t have to be expensive. Could be facials, pedicures, manicures, or just a tiny little gift for your loved one to show that you care. I know you’re here to check out things to do on a low budget and trust me, I am giving you great advice, love doesn’t cost a thing, but in today’s world, it does cost a little. Your time, and money count in relationships, invest them today and reap the bountiful harvest tomorrow.
I need pictures of lovey-dovey couples so I can awwwwwwwwn from here, what do you think? happy valentine’s day to you my lovely readers, it’s all love from here.
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