What Bitcoin holds for the future?

Bitcoin’s growth is pretty evident. We have seen a massive rise in its applications in the past years. There are many more uses of bitcoin that are newly emerging day by day.

From making payments for travel bookings to hotel bookings and even for buying a cup of coffee, bitcoin is finding wider applications every day as a payment currency and network.

In this article, we’re covering some of the key developments that have taken place in the bitcoin domain, which will help you understand its future.

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Growing application:

The growth of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is evident in the digital market. Its application is not just limited to transactions, but today you can use these platforms for other purposes too. A platform like Ethereum is used to develop decentralized applications, buying of services, and make payments. There are 15,000 organizations globally that are accepting bitcoin transactions. Of these, around 2500 of them are located in the US alone. Bitcoin ATMs have also increased in recent times. Once the number was limited in the US, but now they are on a global expansion spree. This growth highlights that in the times to come, we will see massive inflation and a rise in crypto investment and as a result, the market will also grow.

Growing profits

Every individual who has some interest in investment wants to invest in an asset where they can get maximum benefits. Hence, having profits in cryptocurrency can be a good lucrative deal for them. Cryptocurrencies offer exponential growth in their returns.

For example, in the case of bitcoin, we could see that its value had risen to a mark of dollar 65,000 in November 2021. This was the time of the pandemic when the world was facing a downfall in this economy. But, at that time bitcoin witnessed a rise in this. In 2022 when the world got back to normal, there was a dip in its value. So does that mean that bitcoin is here to stay, or will it vanish soon? 

Bitcoin gradually changes its course and it emerged as a winner in the decentralized finance domain. Today it has garnered so much attention and investment from across the globe.

Some countries have even considered it as legal tender. The pioneering name in this list is El Salvador. Other nations are in the league of accepting cryptocurrencies.

Similarly, we have seen the growth of smart contracts and non-fungible tokens. Smart contracts find multiple applications. From real estate to health care, from education to finance, smart contracts can replace conventional agreements by making the work more simplified. 

Cryptocurrency Regulation:

There are new regulations coming into the picture. This is primarily because Bitcoin is growing in popularity, and companies are now accepting cryptos. There are several regulations and bans being imposed in order to keep a check on how the cryptos are performing. Countries like the US, Canada, and India have introduced regulations to make crypto transactions safe and secure. 

The primary reason to introduce regulation in cryptocurrency is to provide a safe exchange and governance. Paul is not just limited to the US; even the European Union has classified cryptocurrencies as commodities. The primary reason for the same is that it was under the taxation slap, thereby ensuring that the crypto market is well regulated.

China has not recognized it as a financial acid, but it has introduced its national cryptocurrency as the digital yuan. And hence we can conclusively say that cryptocurrencies have gained the attention of countries and governments. Many other countries around the world of introducing digital currencies, and it includes names like India.

Countries like China and Japan have issued warning against the use of bitcoin. They have not recognized it as a commodity. 

Closing thoughts

Around 108 million people globally are a part of the crypto domain, and this number is surely going to boost in the times to come with the hope of increasing the number of investors in the future. These factors that are described above are pushing bitcoin toward being more potential for the future. Similarly, many organizations are encouraging developers and researchers to promote such amazing technology of bitcoin more. Therefore, it can be said that in the future bitcoin will have better growth. 


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