Exploring the Three SASSA Grants for Child Welfare

Child Care Dependency Grant:

Definition: Any individual under 18 is considered a child, and assistance is extended to parents, guardians/custodians, and foster parents.

Purpose: This grant supports full-time care for children with permanent or severe disabilities, emphasizing continuous at-home care.
Amount: Currently pays R2,090 per month.


Aimed at lower-income households, serving as supplementary support for basic child needs.
Requirement: The primary caregiver of the child is eligible, and it pays R2,090 per month.
Note: It cannot be concurrently received with the Foster Child Grant.
Foster Child Grant:

Distinct Features: Differentiated from Child Support, this grant offers lesser financial support (R1,130 per month).
Eligibility Criteria: Reserved for court-appointed foster parents, adhering to the South African Child Care Act.

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