Weather Alert: Rain Showers and Temperature Variations in Gauteng

Weather Forecast for Gauteng – October 31, 2023

Partly Cloudy Skies and Cold Temperatures Across Most of the Province

The South African Weather Service (SAWS) has released the latest weather forecast for Gauteng on Tuesday, October 31.

The province can expect partly cloudy conditions, with cold temperatures prevailing in most parts.

Conditions in Major Cities – Pretoria and Johannesburg

For those residing in Pretoria and Johannesburg, here’s a detailed breakdown of the weather conditions:


  • Minimum Temperature: 7°C
  • Maximum Temperature: 13°C
  • Conditions: Rain Showers
  • Wind Direction: East-Northeast
  • Rain Chance: 60%
  • Humidity: 75%
  • Sunrise: 05:19
  • Sunset: 18:22


  • Minimum Temperature: 4°C
  • Maximum Temperature: 12°C
  • Conditions: Rain Showers
  • Wind Direction: East-Northeast
  • Rain Chance: 60%
  • Humidity: 40%
  • Sunrise: 05:19
  • Sunset: 18:23

The forecast indicates that both Pretoria and Johannesburg will experience rain showers, with varying levels of temperature and humidity.

Cold conditions are expected, making it advisable to be prepared for the weather.

Discovering Gauteng

For those less familiar with Gauteng, here are some key facts:

  • Size: Gauteng is the smallest of South Africa’s nine provinces, covering an area of 18,178 square kilometers.
  • Population: In terms of population, it ranks as the most populous province, with an estimated 16 million inhabitants based on the most recent census in 2020.
  • Capital: The administrative capital of the province is Pretoria, known for its jacaranda-lined streets. Pretoria is located at coordinates 25°44’46″S 28°11’17″E.
  • Johannesburg: Gauteng also contains the country’s largest city, Johannesburg, situated at 26°12’16″S 28°2’44″E. The province is home to prominent soccer teams and major sports venues.

The name “Gauteng” in Sotho-Tswana languages means “place of gold,” reflecting the historical significance of the region’s gold mining industry.


This weather forecast and province overview provide valuable insights for residents and visitors in Gauteng.

It serves as a practical guide to help individuals prepare for the day, given the anticipated weather conditions, including rain showers and cold temperatures.

Additionally, the background information about the province’s size, population, and capital offers context for those who may not be well-acquainted with this dynamic region of South Africa.

In conclusion, this weather report is informative and aids in making informed decisions based on the weather outlook.