Weakening Russian Forces and UK’s Involvement in Ukraine

Weakening Russian Forces and UK’s Involvement in Ukraine

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

British intelligence chiefs have reported that Russian forces in Ukraine are increasingly relying on outdated equipment.


The UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) stated that the Russian military consists mostly of poorly trained mobilized reservists and that many of its units are severely understaffed.

The MoD’s latest intelligence update reveals a significant decline in the strength of the Russian military since the invasion began in February 2022.

Weakening Russian Military:

According to the MoD, the Russian Combined Grouping of Forces (CGF) in Ukraine is still organized similarly to the invasion force over a year ago.

It comprises over 200,000 personnel divided into approximately 70 combat regiments and brigades, organized into five Groups of Forces.

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However, the MoD notes that the force now struggles with limited freedom to conduct air operations.

Challenges in Generating Reserves:

The MoD highlights that the CGF is unlikely to have generated a large and capable mobile reserve to respond to emerging operational challenges.


This lack of a reserve force compromises the ability of the Russian military to effectively coordinate large-scale military actions along the 1,200 km front line.

Without a well-prepared and adequately equipped reserve force, the CGF may struggle to respond effectively to changing circumstances or counter Ukrainian advances.

UK’s Involvement:

As part of the conflict, the UK has reportedly supplied long-range missiles that targeted industrial sites in a Russian-held Ukrainian city.

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The Storm Shadow missiles were used to strike a chemical plant and a meat factory in Luhansk.

This development marks the UK as the first country to openly declare its provision of long-range missiles to Ukraine.

The inclusion of the UK’s involvement adds a dimension of international participation in the conflict.

By supplying long-range missiles, the UK demonstrates its support for Ukraine and willingness to assist in countering Russian forces.

Ukrainian Advances and Russian Retreat:

The MoD confirmed that Ukrainian forces successfully forced Russian soldiers into a disorganized retreat from the southern flank of Bakhmut, where a full-frontal operation was launched a year ago.


The withdrawal of the Russian 72nd Separate Motor Rifle Brigade indicates a severe shortage of credible combat units.

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The retreat of a significant brigade reinforces the assessment of the Russian military’s weaknesses.


The British intelligence update reveals that Russian forces in Ukraine are becoming increasingly reliant on outdated equipment and poorly trained mobilized reservists.

The weakening of the Russian military since the beginning of the invasion is evident, and the lack of a capable reserve force hampers their ability to respond effectively.

The UK’s involvement, supplying long-range missiles to Ukraine, adds a new element to the conflict.

Recent successes by Ukrainian forces further underline the challenges faced by the Russian military in maintaining its positions in Ukraine.


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