‘We had no alternative’: Eskom CEO on stage 2 load shedding

‘We had no alternative’: Eskom CEO on stage 2 load shedding

Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter says implementing Stage 2 load shedding was a necessary move to avoid a complete system failure.
The embattled power utility implemented a bout of load shedding on Wednesday, 2 February, the first for the year, citing a shortage of generation capacity following breakdowns of two more generating units during the night.
Stage 2 load shedding is expected to continue at least until Monday, 7 February 2022.
“We obviously regret this, we are working hard on having units back as quickly as possible. We are hoping to reduce the extent of load shedding as much as we can but in this instance we had no alternative but to implement this decision,” de Ruyter said on Wednesday.


Speaking at the same media briefing alongside Andre de Ruyter, Eskom’s COO Jan Oberholzer said there was a possibility of stage 2 load shedding being suspended.
According to Oberholzer, the Duvha, Tutuka, Kendal and Kusilie power stations are giving them a problem.

“At two [Duvha and Tutuka ] of these power stations we have three units running so that not good. At Tutuka we have the ability to run six units but we only have three, at Duvha we have the ability to run five but we only have three.”
Eskom’s COO Jan Oberholzer

He says lifting load shedding will depend on the return to service of the said units.

“It may be that the system will improve and the breakdowns will not be where we are currently and the way we find it leading up to now. There is a possibility that we may lift it but it will depend on a successful return to service of the units as well as whatever breakdowns.”
Eskom’s COO Jan Oberholzer