Bono Discusses America’s “Low Ebb” and Dreams of a United Ireland

Bono’s Take on America’s “Low Ebb”

In a recent interview, U2’s frontman Bono, whose real name is Paul David Hewson, didn’t shy away from expressing his opinion that America is currently at a “low ebb.”

While addressing various topics, he notably refused to discuss former President Trump.

Silence on the “T-Word”

Bono declined to engage in conversation about the former president, stating, “We don’t mention the T-word.

He already has enough headlines that man.” This decision reflects his desire to steer clear of the controversial politician’s name.

Dreaming of a United Ireland

Despite avoiding the topic of Trump, Bono openly shared his aspiration to witness a united Ireland during his lifetime.

He likened the relationship between Northern Ireland and the Republic to that of a couple, suggesting they are currently in the “dating” phase rather than being “married.”

Progress Towards Unity

Bono emphasized the progress made in transforming Irish society, making it feel “freer” and “fairer,” although acknowledging existing challenges like housing issues.

He expressed optimism about the potential for a united Ireland, stating, “It could, and wouldn’t it be wonderful. This pond is too small for a feud among frog.”

Edge’s Perspective on Irish Unity

Edge, another member of U2, added his perspective on the question of Irish unity, emphasizing the importance of common ground and community over power and sovereignty.

Challenges to Freedom and Democracy

Both Bono and Edge voiced their concerns about the increasing challenges to freedom and democracy worldwide.

They observed that democracy is facing an “existential crisis” at a time when they had witnessed progress in areas like sexual politics and race relations throughout their adult lives.

Bono’s Bet on Freedom

Despite the challenges, Bono expressed his commitment to freedom and optimism that America would recover from its current state, citing the West’s technological advantage over less free societies.

Edge on AI and Creativity

Edge shared his experience with AI, revealing an avatar he created of himself and his experimentation with AI tool ChatGPT for writing lyrics.

He highlighted the tool’s potential for generating unintentionally funny lyrics but noted that high-level creativity couldn’t be replaced by AI.

U2’s Environmental Commitment

The interview also touched on U2’s upcoming performances at a 20,000 capacity arena in the Nevada desert and their commitment to offsetting their environmental footprint.

Edge emphasized their sustainability plans, aiming not only to minimize their carbon footprint but to actively reduce it through their performances and production efforts.

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