Bobrisky Openly Discusses Ongoing Crush on Wizkid in Recent Interview

Bobrisky’s Reiteration of Affection

Renowned Lagos-based crossdresser Bobrisky recently reiterated his profound admiration for Afrobeats sensation Wizkid during a candid interview with Isbae, touching upon various facets of the entertainment industry and celebrity dynamics.

Celebrities on the Show

The interview, which featured Bobrisky alongside Afropop singer Skales, delved into intriguing discussions about the entertainment industry’s inner workings and prevalent feuds among celebrities.

Bobrisky’s Confession

During the engaging conversation, Bobrisky was questioned about the celebrity he holds the most significant crush on. Without hesitation, Bobrisky confidently expressed that his admiration for Wizkid is unparalleled and well-known within his circles.

Netizens’ Reactions

Following Bobrisky’s candid revelation, various reactions flooded social media platforms. Netizens chimed in with comments ranging from humor to disbelief, showcasing diverse perspectives on Bobrisky’s ongoing infatuation with Wizkid.

Insights from Social Media Reactions

Among the comments, individuals expressed varying sentiments, from lighthearted jests to more serious reflections on the unexpected crush. Some users humorously invoked spiritual protection, while others conveyed surprise or skepticism regarding Bobrisky’s fervent admiration for the Afrobeats star.

Video of the Interview

The interview segment, capturing Bobrisky’s candid confession about his enduring crush on Wizkid, has garnered attention across social media platforms, sparking discussions and reactions among users.