Long wait for those looking to stream Starfield on Xbox Cloud Gaming

Introduction For those eager to stream Starfield on Xbox Cloud Gaming, be prepared for longer-than-usual queue times. Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, designed to provide seamless gameplay without the hassles of lengthy downloads, has encountered some unexpected challenges.

Acknowledging the Issue In an official notification on its support website, Xbox has acknowledged that certain players are facing “long wait times to play” on Xbox Cloud Gaming. While the exact cause is not explicitly stated, it is suggested that an influx of players may be contributing to these delays. Xbox is committed to resolving this issue and enhancing the overall gaming experience, although notably, there is no mention of this problem on the Xbox status page.

Player Complaints This admission comes after weeks of player complaints regarding delays on Xbox Cloud Gaming. Traditionally, the platform launches titles within seconds, depending on the user’s internet connection strength. However, recent reports indicate that players have experienced wait times ranging from a few minutes to an hour.

Speculation Surrounding Delays Various speculations have arisen regarding the root causes of these delays. Some have attributed it to the inclusion of Grand Theft Auto V on Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming in July. However, the idea that a decade-old game is responsible raises questions.

Possible Reasons Another hypothesis is that players are flocking to Game Pass in anticipation of the release of Starfield. The highly anticipated spacefaring adventure officially launched, generating immense excitement and positive reviews.

Streaming Starfield For those interested in streaming Starfield, it is currently available exclusively on Xbox Cloud Gaming with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which now costs £13 per month after a recent price increase. Initial tests indicate slightly longer loading times, with an average wait of around 20 seconds for titles including Starfield, GTA V, and Exoprimal. However, this is significantly shorter than the reported queuing times experienced by some users.

Capacity and Popular Games A Microsoft spokesperson explained that the issue is related to limited capacity for cloud gaming, which can be reached by particularly popular games. The company is actively working to address these challenges and ensure a smoother gaming experience for all users.

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