WAM content viewed 470 billion times in 2021

WAM content viewed 470 billion times in 2021

WAM content viewed 470 billion times in 2021

ABU DHABI, 16th February, 2022 – A report published by the media monitoring company, Strategico, revealed that the media content of the Emirates News Agency (WAM) was viewed nearly 470.

3 billion times in 2021, including content shown by news agencies, newspapers, radio and TV stations, websites and social media accounts.

Asia led the list, totalling 393.

3 billion views, while the Americas followed with 53.

3 billion, Africa with 14.

6 billion, and Europe with 9.

2 billion.

The report highlighted the fact that WAM has reached out to the world’s continents by publishing content in many languages, and has received millions of interactions, with a total 1.

5 million for circulated topics, 680,900 interactions, 280,000 photos and 54,000 videos.

Strategico attributed the rise in WAM’s performance in 2021 to its ability to broadcast its content in 19 languages, in addition to the UAE’s key role in the regional and international arenas.

Moreover, the report noted that WAM’s exposure in 2021 amounted to 1,300 verified accounts on Twitter, 79,000 writer participations, 8,500 websites, 362,000 local articles and 318,000 international articles in 87 languages.

Circulation rate
The circulation rate varied between local news and other media.

Local news came in first with a circulation of 362,000, while Saudi Arabia came in at 86,300, the US with 71,000, Egypt with 67,600, Morocco with 19,300, Yemen with 16,400, India with 5,150, Turkey with 5,000, Pakistan with 4,500 and Australia with 4,400.

Platforms and applications came in first in terms of circulation.

Twitter ranked first with a circulation volume of 345,300, followed by websites with 217,000, blogs with 59,900, press releases with 40,600, Facebook with 4,500, publications with 4,300, newspapers with 3,200, YouTube with 1,900, radio with 1,200, and magazines with 680.

Readers’ statistics
In terms of international circulation statistics, Asia registered 1.

3 million interactions, 518,100 mentions, 3,600 website visits, 57,200 writer participations, some 67 languages and 990 influencers.

Africa registered 24,300 interactions, 59,900 mentions, 686 websites, 4,900 writer participations, 23 languages and 250 influencers.

The Americas registered 126,000 interactions, 79.

4 mentions, 2,700 websites, 12,000 writer participations, 52 languages and 145 influencers.

Europe registered 59,700 interactions, 18,900 mentions, 1,500 websites, 4,900 writer participations, 49 languages and 114 influencers.

Verified accounts
The monitoring programme showed the number of verified Twitter accounts that have used WAM as a news source totalled 1,300, along with 79,000 writers, 8,500 websites, 362,000 local articles, 318,000 international articles and in 87 languages.

According to the “Time Period Monitoring Index,” November was the leading month with a circulation volume of 78,700, followed by December with 70,500, October with 69,800, February with 62,900, March with 57,400, May with 54,600, August with 54,200, September with 53,500, April with 53,200, June with 48,000, and July with 45,400, while January was in the last place with a circulation rate of 24,300.

Growing exposure
The report showed the fact that WAM achieved increasing exposure in media outlets around the world in 2021, by broadcasting 217 media products in 24 channels in Latin America.