Wall Street Banker and Wife Issue Apology for Antisemitic Incident

Wall Street banker Kurush Mistry and his wife, Shailja Gupta, have issued an apology after facing backlash for their antisemitic behavior during a confrontation near 68th Street and Riverside Boulevard.

The incident, captured in a two-minute viral video, led to Mistry losing his job.

The couple’s apology acknowledges the inappropriateness of their actions and expresses regret for causing pain.

Issuing the Apology:

1. Recognition of Misguided Actions:

Mistry and Gupta, after reflecting on their recent actions, extend sincere apologies to the Jewish man they targeted and the global Jewish community.

They admit that their behavior was unacceptable, acknowledging the misguided and thoughtless nature of their actions during their first civic protest.

2. Denouncement of Antisemitism:

The couple clarifies that they have never supported Hamas and have always considered it a terrorist organization.

Their goal in engaging in the protest was to highlight the suffering in Gaza.

They denounce antisemitism, violence, and terrorism unequivocally, expressing regret for inadvertently contributing to the pain of the Jewish people.

3. Lessons Learned and Acknowledging Threats:

Having received violent threats since the incident, Mistry and Gupta share this information not for sympathy but to present the whole truth.

They emphasize the valuable lesson learned about promoting love and unity instead of causing pain through disagreements.

The couple expresses a commitment to denouncing all forms of violence and terrorism.

4. Apology to Those Offended:

The apology concludes with a reiterated expression of remorse.

Mistry and Gupta apologize from the bottom of their hearts to all those offended, especially the global Jewish community, fellow Americans, and fellow Indians.

They hope to gradually earn back trust through future actions and words that reflect their good intentions for humanity.


The apology from Kurush Mistry and Shailja Gupta follows a widely criticized antisemitic incident, leading to professional consequences.

The couple’s acknowledgment of their misguided actions, denouncement of antisemitism, and commitment to learning from the experience are central elements of their public apology.

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