Virginia Fitness Coach Unveils ‘Best Fat Loss Advice’ for Achieving a Shredded Physique

Josiah Novak, a 38-year-old fitness coach from Virginia, known as the ‘Fat Loss Daddy’ on TikTok, has shared what he considers the ‘best fat loss advice in the entire world.’

With over 100,000 followers, Novak, the founder of True Transformation, offers mindset and fitness guidance aimed at transforming one’s physique and breaking away from the routine of a 9-5 job.

Fat Loss Advice Unveiled:

Track Your Steps:

In a recent TikTok video, Novak outlined his straightforward approach to daily fat loss.

He emphasized three key steps, beginning with tracking steps.

His advice was to walk a minimum of 10,000 to 12,000 steps daily, with a warning that doing less is at one’s own risk.

This foundational step sets the stage for an active lifestyle.

Lift Weights Regularly:

Novak’s second piece of advice was to incorporate weightlifting into the routine.

He recommended dedicating 45 minutes three to five times per week to weightlifting.

The frequency, he noted, depends on factors such as schedule, recovery speed, and personal preference.

The focus should be on getting stronger in key exercises.

Track Calories and Protein:

The final instruction from Novak was to diligently track both calorie intake and protein consumption.

He suggested that daily calorie consumption should be about 10 to 13 times one’s goal body weight, dependent on metabolism.

Additionally, protein intake should align with one gram per pound of the goal body weight.

Reception and Testimonials:

Positive Responses:

Novak’s video garnered significant attention, amassing over 829,000 views and numerous comments.

Viewers attested to the effectiveness of his method, with some reporting substantial weight loss and increased strength.

The straightforward approach resonated with many, who found success in implementing the recommended steps.

Challenges and Acknowledgments:

While some viewers agreed with the simplicity of the advice, others acknowledged the challenges, particularly in meeting the recommended step count.

Novak addressed the concerns, emphasizing the importance of consistency and personal commitment to the fat loss journey.

Josiah Novak’s Journey and Inspiration:

Transformation Story:

In a previous video, Novak shared his personal journey, highlighting that he was once 70 pounds overweight in his mid-20s.

Despite facing challenges such as muscle loss after surgery, he transformed his body and is now in the best shape of his life in his late 30s, married with two children.

Empowering Message:

Novak encouraged viewers by expressing empathy for their struggles and emphasizing that achieving a dream physique comes down to a decision.

He underscored the significance of raising standards and making life count, offering a message of empowerment and resilience.

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