Controversial Math Problem on Twitter Sparks Intense Debate

Twitter’s Viral Math Question Creates Online Stir

A math question circulating through the X app (formerly Twitter) has set social media abuzz, triggering a lively debate among netizens with conflicting perspectives on the correct solution.

Differing Opinions Emerge in the Comments Section

As users encountered the equation, opinions diverged on the proper approach to solving it, leading to a split between those advocating for an answer of 4 and those supporting 36.

Intense Argument Unleashes in the Comments Section

Contradictory reactions from internet users intensified the discourse, fueling a heated argument in the comments section as individuals grappled with conflicting interpretations.

PEMDAS vs. BODMAS: The Root of Disagreement

At the heart of the dispute lies the application of the order of operations, governed by the PEMDAS acronym (Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, and Addition and Subtraction).

Debating the Correct Sequence of Operations

Supporters of the answer 36 argue that division should precede multiplication, leading to a sequence of calculations resulting in 36. Conversely, proponents of the answer 4 contend that multiplication should take precedence, resulting in an alternative sequence yielding 4.

Twitter Users Engage in Passionate Defense of Answers

As the debate rages on, Twitter users passionately defend their chosen answers, invoking mathematical principles and engaging in fervent discussions.

User Reactions Illustrate Varied Perspectives

Responses from users like @mamuzoADUMS and @drteepie underscore the diversity of opinions, with some emphasizing BODMAS over PEMDAS and others highlighting the importance of understanding the question contextually.

Diverse Views Continue to Clash on Twitter

The discussion persists as @Silvangit and @Item66 contribute their perspectives, with the former showcasing a BODMAS-based solution resulting in 36, while the latter suggests a discrepancy in arriving at the correct answer.

Twitter Users Navigate Complexities of the Math Challenge

Amid comments from @Saninrooks and @MartmagMS, who highlight the challenge’s complexity and the need for precise understanding, the Twitter math debate unfolds, demonstrating the intricacies of mathematical interpretation and solution derivation.

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