NFL Cameraman Suspended: The Backflip Celebration That Cost Kevin Fitzgibbons His Job


Recent events have unfolded as NFL cameraman Kevin Fitzgibbons faces suspension following a viral celebration during the Dolphins’ Week 6 win over the Panthers.

The iconic moment, featuring Tyreek Hill’s backflip, has led to unexpected consequences for Fitzgibbons.

Viral Celebration:

Tyreek Hill’s 41-yard touchdown during the Dolphins’ victory over the Panthers became a sensation, especially due to the celebratory backflip that ensued. Fitzgibbons, a videographer for the NFL, found himself at the center of the excitement as Hill grabbed his phone for the iconic selfie backflip.

Suspension Confirmed:

The NFL, confirming the suspension, revealed that Fitzgibbons had his credential pulled for the remainder of the season.

The decision stirred controversy as the photographer, known as @kfitzsports, had a personal connection with Tyreek Hill and had worked with him for a considerable time.

Lame Decision or Necessary Discipline?

The controversy arises from the NFL’s decision to suspend Fitzgibbons for what many see as a spontaneous and celebratory moment.

The videographer, jumping with joy after the play, now faces the repercussions of what he considers one of the best moments of his life.

Tyreek Hill’s Perspective:

Tyreek Hill, acknowledging Fitzgibbons as his friend, expressed his disappointment with the NFL’s decision.

The video of the backflip celebration, narrated by Fitzgibbons himself, captures the unexpected turn of events and the impact on his season.

Suspension Announcement:

In a video posted to his social media accounts, the 20-year-old Fitzgibbons shared the news of his suspension.

Despite the NFL’s stance that discipline was necessary, he expressed gratitude for the memorable moment Tyreek gave him and acknowledged the understanding of the league’s decision.

The Fallout:

The suspension has raised questions about the NFL’s handling of celebratory moments and the line between personal joy and professional conduct.

Fitzgibbons, narrating the viral video, sheds light on the sequence of events that led to his suspension and the unforeseen consequences that followed.


As the controversy surrounding Kevin Fitzgibbons’ suspension continues, the NFL faces scrutiny for its decision in the aftermath of a celebratory touchdown.

The clash between personal joy and professional consequences prompts reflection on the league’s policies and the impact on those capturing the essence of the game behind the lens.

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