Video: Pastor of Port Harcourt Church Refused to Wed Couple Because They Came Late

In a church in Port Harcourt, a seemingly routine wedding ceremony took a dramatic turn when church members and wedding guests engaged in a heated verbal altercation.

The cause of the commotion? The pastor’s decision to refuse to wed a couple promptly because they arrived five minutes late to the church.

Pastor’s Unyielding Decision:

Despite the pleas from the couple and those in attendance, the pastor stood firm in his decision.

Instead of officiating the wedding at the scheduled time, he retreated to his office, leaving the bewildered couple waiting for an entire hour.

The pastor allegedly conveyed that he would perform the ceremony at his own convenience, not within the church premises as expected.

Emotional Turmoil and Clash of Opinions:

As the events unfolded, the emotional toll on the couple became evident.

The bride broke down in tears, while the groom attempted to console her just outside the church building.

Supporters of the pastor clashed with those sympathizing with the heartbroken couple, creating an atmosphere of tension and conflicting opinions.

Photographer’s Account:

A wedding photographer who documented the unfolding events shared footage from the church, expressing frustration at the pastor’s actions.

The photographer highlighted the pastor’s decision to keep everyone waiting for an hour and emphasized the arrogance displayed, stating, “Some pastors are feeling like God.”

Couple Takes Matters into Their Own Hands:

Faced with the pastor’s unyielding stance, the couple eventually grew tired of waiting.

Taking matters into their own hands, they decided to find another person to officiate their wedding.

In an unexpected turn of events, the exchange of vows, originally intended for the pastor’s church, took place in a hotel, where they found an alternative officiating priest.

Social Media Reactions:

The incident sparked a flurry of reactions on social media.

Commenters expressed disbelief at the pastor’s actions, with some questioning the audacity to cause such a scene and still invoke references to the Holy Trinity.

Others shared their own defiant responses, vowing not to let a pastor ruin their special day and proposing alternative scenarios for handling such situations.

Video here

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