Tragedy Strikes as Emirate Petrol Station Owner Allegedly Murders Wife, Commits Suicide in Akure Home

Tragedy Strikes as Emirate Petrol Station Owner Allegedly Murders Wife, Commits Suicide in Akure Home

A distressing incident has gripped Akure, as the lifeless bodies of Bolu Adelabu, wife of the Emirate petrol station owner, and a house boy named Akpan, were found on the matrimonial bed.

The alleged perpetrator, identified as Emirate, is said to have taken his own life by consuming a poisonous substance, suspected to be an insecticide, after committing the heinous act.

Police Response to Distress Call: Investigation Underway

On Friday evening, the Special Protection Unit officer stationed at A Division in Akure received a distress call from the deceased’s son, who had been unable to reach his father.

The officer rushed to the scene and made a gruesome discovery: Emirate facedown and lifeless in the toilet, while Bolu Adelabu’s body displayed multiple machete cuts on the bed.

Official Confirmation and Police Action: Homicide Section Takes Over

A news release from the Ondo State Police Command spokesperson, SP ‘Funmilayo Odunlami-Omisanya, confirmed the tragic incident.

The State Commissioner of Police, Abayomi Oladipo, has directed the Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigation Department to lead the investigation.

The crime scene has been cordoned off to facilitate necessary police procedures.

Details of the Incident: Wife’s Gruesome Injuries and Suicide Suspicions

The lifeless body of Bolu Adelabu exhibited severe machete cuts on her head and face, suggesting a violent assault.

Emirate, the alleged assailant, was found in the toilet, having reportedly consumed a poisonous substance.

An empty container of an insecticide was discovered at the scene, raising suspicions of suicide.

Police Investigation and Unraveling the Tragedy: Scene Cordoned Off

Investigation has commenced to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident. The police have cordoned off the crime scene to carry out the necessary procedures and gather evidence.

The Homicide Section is expected to provide insights into the motive behind the alleged murder-suicide, as Akure grapples with the shocking turn of events.

Conclusion: Community in Shock as Akure Grapples with Unprecedented Tragedy

The community of Akure is left in shock as details of this horrifying incident unfold.

The authorities are diligently working to piece together the events leading to the murder-suicide, offering a sense of closure to the grieving family and concerned residents.

The tragic discovery has sent ripples through Akure, prompting reflection on the unseen challenges faced by individuals, even in seemingly ordinary households.**