Aunty Akanke Faces Job Termination Over Sharing Viral Twerking Video of Veekee James on TikTok

Aunty Akanke Faces Job Termination Over Sharing Viral Twerking Video of Veekee James on TikTok

In a recent development, Aunty Akanke faced job termination after sharing an old TikTok video featuring Veekee James engaging in an aggressive twerking dance to the song ‘Who Dey Come’ by Son of Ika and Ijoba Yagi.

Community Reaction and Termination

The community, expressing concern over the nature of the shared video, deemed it cyberbullying and a breach of the company’s rules and regulations.

Consequently, Aunty Akanke was swiftly removed from her position, with the community asserting its commitment to maintaining a professional environment for both customers and vendors.

Company Statement on Twitter

Addressing the situation on Twitter, the company emphasized its dedication to upholding community guidelines.

The tweet explained that Aunty Akanke’s removal was a response to the posting of a non-business video that portrayed an individual negatively, constituting an act of bullying.

The company reiterated its commitment to fostering a professional atmosphere and apologized for any confusion caused by previous statements.

Background and Viral Video

Aunty Akanke’s actions stemmed from sharing an old video of Veekee James twerking energetically before her transformation into a born-again individual.

The video gained widespread attention, prompting both praise and criticism from netizens.

Public Service Announcement and Community Backlash

Following the viral video’s circulation, the community issued a public service announcement confirming Aunty Akanke’s termination for violating the company’s community guidelines.

The announcement emphasized the importance of maintaining trust and professionalism within the community, expressing regret for any confusion arising from the incident.

Veekee James’ Response

In the aftermath of the controversy, Veekee James became a trending topic online. Netizens were divided in their reactions, with some criticizing her, while others lauded her personal growth and journey.

The vintage footage showcased Veekee James’ energetic dance moves, captivating viewers and sparking a broader conversation about personal evolution and public perception.

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