Kate Maloney Stuns Fans with Eye-Catching Beauty Transformation

Eye-Catching Beauty Transformation

Vanderpump Rules star Kate Maloney has left fans in awe with her recent beauty makeover that has her feeling “hot” once again.

The 36-year-old television personality recently unveiled her striking copper-red hair, and now, she’s taken to social media to showcase her beautiful new manicure, courtesy of the press-on nail company Quickies.

Gorgeous Almond-Shaped Nails

Kate shared a photo of her brand-new stick-on nails, which boast a stunning almond shape.

She gave credit to Quickies for her manicure transformation. Taking to her Instagram, Kate expressed her newfound confidence, writing: “Popped on some nails (from Quickies) and I feel hot again.”

This beauty update comes as Kate has been making several changes to her appearance, including her recent switch to a captivating copper-red hair color.

Unexpected Hair Discovery

Kate shared a video on her Instagram, revealing the intriguing story behind her hair transformation.

She stumbled upon a temporary color styling gel while cleaning out her bathroom. In the video, Kate explained, “So earlier I was cleaning out some products, and I found this temporary color styling gel […] and it’s red.

It’s supposed to work on brunette hair… so let’s see!”

Results of the Hair Experiment

In the same video, Kate showcased her freshly colored locks, saying, “This is what we’re left with,” as she revealed her vibrant hair.

She continued, “You can’t even see the proper color. It just looks like orange or coppery, but… It’s just wet and stiff right now, but when it air-dries you’re supposed to break up the casting on it or whatever… OK!”

Tom Schwartz’s New Ventures

In other news, Kate’s ex-husband, Tom Schwartz, has been making headlines as well.

He was recently seen getting cozy with Below Deck star Katie Flood in the trailer for the new reality show Winter House.

Tom and Kate Maloney met in 2011 and appeared on Vanderpump Rules two years later.

The End of Tom and Kate’s Marriage

The couple tied the knot in a sweet Las Vegas ceremony in 2019, but sadly, their marriage came to an end five years later.

Katie officially announced their divorce on Instagram amid rumors about her missing wedding ring. In her post, Katie mentioned that they were on “different paths” but still had a “deep admiration for each other.”

Tom also took to Instagram to share his feelings about the breakup and expressed his love and respect for Katie.

Reflecting on Their Relationship

Tom concluded his post with a heartfelt message: “I don’t look at it as a failure. As sad as I am, still happy to say there’s no anger or bitterness. Zero.

Still so much love for you @musickillskate. And your family. I don’t think we were ever a model couple. Maybe we are model divorcées.”

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