Vandals Behead King George V Statue in Melbourne, Dedicate Attack to King Charles Ahead of Scheduled Visit

Vandals Behead King George V Statue in Melbourne, Dedicate Attack to King Charles Ahead of Scheduled Visit

In a brazen act of vandalism, the statue of King George V in Melbourne’s Kings Domain has been decapitated by unidentified assailants.

The disturbing incident, captured on video and shared online, marks yet another assault on royal and colonial-era monuments in Australia.

Message of Defiance

The perpetrators of the attack, believed to be anti-monarchists, defaced the statue with red paint and spray-painted the ominous message, ‘The colony will fall.’

The assault, which occurred on a public holiday commemorating the current King’s official birthday, underscores the escalating tensions surrounding historical monuments in Australia.

Political Implications

The vandalism comes amidst a broader debate about Australia’s colonial past and its implications for contemporary society.

Critics have condemned the attack as emblematic of Australia’s increasingly polarized political landscape, with some attributing the divisions to the leadership of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Symbolic Gesture

The timing of the attack, just months before King Charles’ scheduled visit to Australia, adds a symbolic dimension to the vandalism.

With Australia grappling with questions of identity and historical reckoning, the desecration of royal monuments underscores the deep-seated divisions within the nation.

Investigative Response

Authorities in Victoria have launched an investigation into the incident, with attention focused on a group known as WACA (Whistleblowers, Activists, and Communities Alliance), which has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The police are working to identify the perpetrators and hold them accountable for their actions.

Historical Context

The vandalism of the King George V statue is part of a broader pattern of attacks on colonial-era monuments across Australia.

Over the past year, statues of figures such as Captain Cook and Queen Victoria have been targeted, reflecting ongoing debates about Australia’s colonial legacy and Indigenous rights.

Royal Visit Preparations

Despite the vandalism, preparations for King Charles’ visit to Australia in October continue.

The proposed trip, which would mark his 16th official visit to the country, underscores the enduring ties between the British monarchy and Australia, despite calls for republicanism and Indigenous recognition.

Political Backlash

Prime Minister Albanese’s government has faced criticism for its handling of historical and cultural issues, with opponents accusing him of pandering to a ‘woke’ minority and neglecting broader national interests.

The rejection of key initiatives, such as the Voice referendum, reflects broader disillusionment with progressive policies.

Cultural Identity

The vandalism of historical monuments reflects broader debates about Australia’s cultural identity and its relationship with its colonial past.

the nation grapples with questions of reconciliation and representation, the desecration of statues serves as a stark reminder of the complexities of national identity.

Calls for Unity

In the wake of the vandalism, voices across the political spectrum have called for unity and respect for Australia’s diverse heritage.

Regardless of political differences, there is a shared commitment to preserving Australia’s history while acknowledging the need for reconciliation and progress.


The decapitation of the King George V statue in Melbourne underscores the deep-seated divisions within Australian society.

As the nation confronts its colonial legacy and grapples with questions of identity, the vandalism serves as a stark reminder of the challenges facing modern Australia.

Amidst political debates and cultural tensions, there is a collective call for unity and understanding to navigate the complexities of the nation’s past and present.

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