Van Driver Vasile Barbu Faces Trial for Fatal Collision with Triathlete Rebecca Comins in South Wales

Van Driver Vasile Barbu Faces Trial for Fatal Collision with Triathlete Rebecca Comins in South Wales

A court case today revealed that a Team GB triathlete and mother-of-two, Rebecca Comins, tragically lost her life during a cycling race after being struck from behind by a van driver, Vasile Barbu.

The Incident

Rebecca Comins, 52, was participating in a cycling race on a clear sunny day. She had a bright flashing light attached to her bike when she was hit by a van and thrown into the air.

Details of the Collision

Van driver Vasile Barbu, 49, allegedly failed to maneuver around Rebecca, despite the outside lane of the dual carriageway being empty. Barbu could not explain how the collision occurred, though he admitted causing death by careless driving.

The Cycling Event

Rebecca was competing in a time trial cycling race with warning signs in place and other cyclists on the road. The event was organized by Monmouthshire Wheelers and took place along the A40 dual carriageway near Raglan, South Wales.

Eyewitness Account

An eyewitness described how moments before the fatal collision, Barbu passed dangerously close to his bike, causing wind turbulence that made him wobble across the road.

Prosecution’s Argument

Prosecutor James Wilson stated that Rebecca was clearly visible and cycling in a proper manner. He argued that Barbu had ample space and time to maneuver around her, but his failure to do so amounted to dangerous driving, resulting in her death.

Rebecca’s Achievements

Rebecca was the Vintage Veteran Champion of the Welsh Triathlon Super Series and had represented Wales just a weekend before the crash. Tributes highlighted her competitive spirit and infectious positivity.

Tributes to Rebecca

Welsh Triathlon released a statement praising Rebecca’s contributions to the sport and her community. She was remembered as a fierce competitor who loved training and was central to social activities in her clubs.

Rebecca’s Clubs

Rebecca was an active member of the Dragon Tri Club, Newport Phoenix Cycling Club, and Caldicot Running Club, making significant contributions to each.

Barbu’s Denial

Romanian-born Vasile Barbu, from Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, denies causing death by dangerous driving. The trial is expected to continue for a week.