“Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine ‘Victims’ Claim Censorship on Social Media, Face Warnings and Bans When Discussing Symptoms

Claims of Censorship

Individuals alleging life-altering reactions to the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine assert being censored while attempting to share their experiences on social media platforms.

These individuals, not all involved in legal actions, have reported receiving warnings on platforms like Facebook when discussing their adverse reactions, leading to self-censorship and cryptic language use to evade group shutdowns.

Online Support Amid Alleged Censorship

The UK CV Family, a private Facebook group with over 1,000 members, was established by Charlet Crichton after she experienced an adverse reaction to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Crichton, bed-bound for weeks due to the reaction, created the group to connect with others facing similar issues. The group, not anti-vaccine but aimed at supporting those affected, faced challenges of self-censorship to avoid platform shutdowns.

Inclusion in Covid Inquiry

Three online groups, including the UK CV Family, have attained core-participant status in the Covid Inquiry, allowing members to present evidence throughout the process.

Charlet Crichton, citing myocarditis post-vaccine, and others will offer testimonies. The group, emphasizing it’s not anti-vax, has encountered difficulties discussing their experiences, leading to comment blocks and bans on social media.

Struggles with Platform Restrictions

Individuals like Charlet Crichton claim their comments were blocked to prevent misuse, with some facing bans and shadow-banning on platforms like Facebook.

Attempts to share vaccine-related evidence, including videos from lawyers and personal stories, faced warnings and removals under ‘medical misinformation’ policies, raising concerns about free speech limitations online.

Response and Ongoing Inquiry

Criticism has arisen regarding the restrictions imposed by social media platforms, labeled as ‘Orwellian’ by advocates.

Government Counter Disinformation Unit criticisms of certain views allegedly led to issues with platforms like YouTube. Meta, YouTube, and AstraZeneca have been approached for comment regarding these claims.

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