US Psychic Communicates with Riky Rick’s Spirit – Insights into His Passing

US Psychic Communicates with Riky Rick’s Spirit – Insights into His Passing

The spirit of South African rapper Riky Rick, who tragically took his own life two years ago, has allegedly communicated through US psychic Kandis Starr.

The psychic, known for her purported interactions with various celebrities from South Africa, including AKA and Senzo Meyiwa, shared her experience on TikTok and YouTube.

Medium’s Interaction with Riky Rick’s Spirit:

In a video documenting her session, Kandis Starr detailed her communication with what she claims to be Riky Rick’s spirit.

The medium asserted that she taps into the afterlife using her “spirit guides.”

During the session, a voice, believed to be Riky Rick’s, referenced the impact of showbiz on his mental state, mentioning, “Showbiz… They’re in my head.

The voices.

I slept in another room.”

The alleged spirit conveyed a message of love for his family, urging them to “know I love you” and requesting the transmission of love from him.

The psychic’s claims provide a unique perspective on Riky Rick’s mental and emotional state, offering insights into the challenges he faced, particularly the impact of the entertainment industry on his well-being.

Recalling Riky Rick’s Tragic Passing:

Riky Rick’s untimely death by suicide at the age of 34 sent shockwaves through South Africa.

The rapper, whose real name was Rikhado Makhado, left behind his partner Bianca and their two children.

Reports indicate that he had been battling severe depression, as confirmed by his family after his passing.

The psychic’s session brings back memories of the devastating news surrounding Riky Rick’s death and the profound impact it had on those close to him.

The alleged references to the voices in his head align with the previously leaked suicide letter that spoke of his internal struggles.

Suicide Letter and Mental Health Struggles:

Upon Riky Rick’s death, a suicide letter addressed to his family members surfaced, revealing the deep pain and ongoing battle with inner demons.

The letter indicated his inability to overcome the overwhelming pain, mentioning the persistent “voices in my head” and expressing regret for not being stronger.

The psychic’s session echoes the themes of Riky Rick’s suicide letter, shedding light on the enduring nature of his mental health struggles and the emotional turmoil he faced.


The alleged communication with Riky Rick’s spirit adds a paranormal dimension to the rapper’s tragic story.

While the authenticity of such experiences remains subjective, it invites reflection on mental health challenges within the entertainment industry and the broader societal context.

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