US Border Patrol agent violates federal law by turning away family of asylum seekers who had already made it into Texas

A Shocking Incident Unfolds in El Paso – 


In a startling revelation, a U.S. Border Patrol agent reportedly violated protocol by turning away a family of asylum seekers who had successfully crossed into Texas.

The family, consisting of six individuals from Venezuela, including young children aged one and four, traversed from Mexico into El Paso on a Sunday morning.

Negotiating through razor wire meant to deter migrants, the family encountered distress as the Border Patrol agent ordered them back to Mexico, breaching U.S. law and the agent’s mandated duty to apprehend migrants crossing illegally.


Violation of Legal Mandates


Crystal Sandoval, a representative from Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Group, expressed concern over the incident, stating that individuals already on U.S. soil should not be turned away, especially when they express an intent to seek asylum.

The rejected family found themselves in close proximity to an opening in the border wall where other migrants were being taken into custody, highlighting the inconsistency in enforcement.


Escalating Border Tensions and Surge in Crossings


El Paso has witnessed a surge in migrant crossings, with up to 1,600 individuals entering West Texas in a single day. The rejection of asylum seekers only adds to the complexities at the border.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the overseeing agency, refrained from immediate comments upon being approached for questions.


Asylum Seekers Face Uphill Battle


Prior to attempting entry into the U.S., the Venezuelan father affirmed to that the family intended to seek asylum.

According to legal provisions, migrants in Border Patrol custody expressing a desire to claim asylum must be given an opportunity to do so.

Failure to adhere to these legal requirements has contributed to the ongoing border crisis, with an estimated 7.8 million migrants illegally crossing into the U.S. since 2021.


Family’s Ordeal and Unverified Outcome


After being turned away, the Venezuelan family was left to navigate the makeshift barrier, with the father desperately seeking another entry point.

The ultimate fate of the family remains unknown, raising concerns about their safety and well-being.


Military Involvement Raises Legal Questions


In a parallel incident, members of the Texas National Guard, not authorized to enforce immigration law, were reported turning migrants away, including a Venezuelan man intending to claim asylum.

The involvement of armed guardsmen has sparked controversy, prompting inquiries into potential legal violations.


Controversial Razor Wire Barrier and Legal Battles


The razor wire barrier, constructed by the Texas National Guard under Governor Greg Abbott’s orders, has become a focal point of legal disputes.

Border Patrol agents have occasionally cut through the wire to facilitate surrender, leading to conflicting opinions on its effectiveness. Legal battles surrounding the wire’s removal are ongoing, with Governor Abbott demanding cessation of wire-cutting by federal agents.


In Conclusion


The recent incidents underscore the challenges and legal complexities at the U.S.-Mexico border, where the treatment of asylum seekers and the effectiveness of deterrent measures remain subjects of intense scrutiny.

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