Governor Seyi Makinde Links Blast to Illegal Mining Activities

Governor Seyi Makinde Links Blast to Illegal Mining Activities

Preliminary Investigation Reveals Illegal Miners’ Involvement

In a shocking revelation, Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo state has attributed the recent explosion in Ibadan to the clandestine actions of illegal miners operating within the state.

The governor, speaking to the press after personally inspecting the affected areas, disclosed that a preliminary investigation indicated the storage of explosive devices by these illegal miners in one of the houses, leading to the tragic incident.

Governor Makinde Confirms Death Toll and Extensive Injuries

Following his visit to the explosion site and hospitals treating the injured, Governor Seyi Makinde confirmed that the blast resulted in two fatalities and left 77 individuals injured.

The injured are currently receiving medical attention in both public and private hospitals.

The governor expressed his condolences to the families of the deceased and assured that the government would cover all medical bills for the victims.

Swift Response and Ongoing Investigations: Government’s Actions Unveiled

Governor Makinde detailed the immediate actions taken by the government in response to the explosion.

He disclosed that first responders, along with various agencies, were swiftly deployed for comprehensive search and rescue operations, ongoing throughout the night.

Earth-moving equipment, ambulances, emergency lights, and additional security measures were also mobilized to manage the aftermath.

Financial Assistance and Support for Victims

Expressing empathy, Governor Makinde announced the government’s commitment to covering the medical bills of all victims.

He pledged to provide temporary accommodation for those whose homes were affected, ensuring they receive support to rebuild their lives.

The governor emphasized that anyone found culpable for the explosion, particularly the illegal miners, would be held accountable through ongoing investigations.

Emergency Hotline Established as Rescue Operations Continue

In a plea to the residents, Governor Makinde urged calm and requested them to stay away from the immediate scene of the incident to facilitate uninterrupted rescue operations.

He provided the emergency hotline number (615) for residents to report any emergencies, emphasizing the importance of allowing the rescue teams to carry out their duties without interference.

Appreciation for First Responders and Medical Personnel

Governor Seyi Makinde expressed gratitude to first responders, security personnel, and medical teams actively involved in rescue operations.

He urged everyone to offer prayers for those affected by the disaster while assuring continuous efforts in managing the aftermath and supporting the victims.