Union Budget: No relief to anyone, taxes on fuel increased, says Kamal Nath

Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal is a city in the state of Madhya Pradesh.
The state Congress president, Kamal Nath, has stated that the federal budget provides no help to any segment of the population.
Furthermore, while understanding that rising fuel prices are the primary cause of inflation, the union administration has raised fuel taxes.
“After the controversial farm regulations were removed, farmers demanded MSP assurances, but the budget is silent on the issue.” “The administration also said nothing about its vow to increase farmers’ income by 2022,” Kamal Nath remarked.
The government that promised 2 crore jobs per year seven years ago is now showing dreams of 60 lakh jobs.
The schools do not have their own buildings, electricity, teachers, potable water and now the government is talking of installing TVs in schools, taunted Nath.
Common people wanted relief in income tax but it didn’t happen. The only relief that has been provided is to the selected industrialists.
The government is now talking of new trains after increasing the fare and freight of trains.
Strangely the budget is talking of the next 25 years. People are disappointed as the budget didn’t have anything to offer to farmers, youth, women, salaried class or the middle class of the country