Nicki Minaj Escalates Feud with Megan Thee Stallion in Explosive Diss Track, Promising More Blows

Background and Nicki’s Unapologetic Stance:

The feud reignited over the weekend with Nicki’s release of “Big Foot,” a diss track filled with jabs, including references to Megan’s alleged cosmetic surgery.

Despite the explosive nature of the diss, an insider claims that Nicki is unapologetic and hints at unseen layers behind the scenes.

Behind-the-Scenes Drama:

According to the insider, the public is only privy to a fraction of the conflict, with Nicki allegedly facing behind-the-scenes provocations.

The source discloses that Megan has formed an alliance with Cardi B to criticize Nicki, but Nicki, with her longer tenure in the industry, is prepared to assert her influence.

Nicki’s Response to Megan’s Actions:

The insider reveals that Megan made comments about Nicki’s husband and brother, leading to Nicki’s elevated response in “Big Foot.”

Nicki reportedly conveyed a message to Megan, emphasizing the need for respect toward those who paved the way in the industry.

Expectations of an Escalating Feud:

The source warns that the ongoing spat is likely just the beginning, predicting that if Megan continues the feud, it could turn even uglier.

Nicki, aware of Megan’s vulnerabilities, is expected to exploit them further.

The insider compares Megan’s ongoing dispute with Nicki to Nicki’s past feud with Cardi, suggesting that what lies ahead may surpass the previous intensity.

Historical Context with Cardi B:

The article revisits Nicki and Cardi B’s past feud, which dates back to September 2018, when Nicki offered unsolicited advice to Cardi.

This led to an alleged physical altercation during New York Fashion Week.

The historical context provides a backdrop for Nicki’s current approach in the ongoing feud with Megan.

Diss Track Lyrics and Targets:

The diss track, “Big Foot,” takes direct shots at Megan, questioning her authenticity and alluding to personal matters such as cosmetic surgery and alleged relationships.

The lyrics delve into Nicki’s perspective on Megan’s actions and highlight areas of contention between the two artists.

Megan’s Recent Move and Nicki’s Retaliation:

Megan’s recent music video release for “Hiss” seemingly mocking Nicki and her husband triggered a swift response.

Nicki retaliated in her diss track, targeting Megan’s lyrics and accusing her of lying about cosmetic procedures.

Controversial References and Personal Attacks:

The diss track includes controversial references to Megan’s past, such as her involvement with Tory Lanez and the shooting incident in 2020.

Nicki not only questions Megan’s honesty but also references personal tragedies, such as the loss of Megan’s mother and the shooting incident involving Tory Lanez.

Court Testimony and Lanez’s Sentencing:

The article briefly touches on Megan’s court testimony during Tory Lanez’s trial, emphasizing her account of the shooting incident and Lanez’s subsequent sentencing.

Nicki’s diss track draws from these events, contributing to the heightened tension between the rap stars.

Conclusion and the Potential for Escalation:

As the feud unfolds, the insider suggests that the public may witness a more intense phase if Megan chooses to prolong the conflict.

Nicki’s willingness to exploit vulnerabilities and historical context with previous feuds hints at a potentially volatile future in the ongoing rap saga.

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