Ukraine says over 3,500 Russian soldiers have been killed so far while 200 taken as prisoners

Ukraine says over 3,500 Russian soldiers have been killed so far while 200 taken as prisoners

After invading the East European country, Russian soldiers have suffered more casualties than predicted, according to the Ukrainian military. The Ukrainian military claims to have provided a breakdown of Russia’s losses.
According to a statement on the organization’s Facebook page, more than 3,500 Russian soldiers were killed in the invasion, with over 200 taken prisoner.
Russia has also lost 14 planes, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.
So far, 102 tanks and helicopters have been deployed.

The Russian Ministry of Defence has so far not acknowledged any casualties but reports claim president Vladimir Putin is angry with the turnout of the war so far and has ordered a full onslaught of his military troops on Ukraine …
Unconfirmed reports also claim he sacked one of his military generals due to the high losses Russia has incurred the last 3 days.
Meanwhile Ukraine’s military is asking people to remove the names of streets, cities and villages from road signs in their regions in order to ‘confuse and disorient the enemy’. 
In a tweet, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence said: ‘We will do everything possible to clear Ukraine of the Russian occupier as soon as possible!’.
A sign over a part of the Boryspil highway triumphantly declared: ‘Russian warship, go f**k yourself!’, in reference to the killing of a small group of Ukrainian border guards stationed at Snake Island off the coast of Ukraine after they refused to surrender to Kremlin forces.
Putin’s war isn’t going as planned, according to Estonia’s former defense chief Riho Terras, who claims that Russia is quickly running out of money and weaponry and will have to negotiate with Volodymyr Zelensky’s administration if Kyiv can hold off the Russians for another 10 days.
Putin is said to have called a conference with oligarchs in a bunker in the Ural Mountains, where he allegedly raged that the battle would be ‘simple’ and that ‘everything will be done in one to four days.’
Terras said that the battle is costing Russia roughly £15 billion each day, and that they only had rockets for three to four days at most, which they are utilizing sparingly, citing Ukrainian intelligence sources.

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