UK Powerball Results For Wednesday 23 February 2022

UK Powerball Results For Wednesday 23 February 2022

UK Powerball offers you the chance to win a £4.2 million jackpot every Wednesday and Saturday.
Entries cost just £1.50 per line, and there are six different ways to win a prize.
Today’s winning numbers:


The latest UK Powerball results are updated above as soon as the draw has taken place at 9:59pm every Wednesday and Saturday.
The main numbers are shown in red, with the Powerball number in blue.

Odds and Prizes

In total there are six different prize tiers in the UK Powerball. All prizes require you to match at least the Powerball number, starting with the Match 0 + Powerball prize of a free entry into the next draw, all the way up to the Match 6 + Powerball prize of £4,200,000!
The jackpot prize is shared – this means that if more than one person matches the entire winning combination in a particular draw, it will be split equally between the winners.
All non-jackpot prizes are fixed amounts, which means you will win the full amount regardless of how many other winners there are.
All the prizes available and the odds of winning in each tier.

Numbers MatchedPrize AmountOdds of Winning
6 main numbers + Powerball£4.2 million (Jackpot)1 in 79,453,500
5 main numbers + Powerball£8,8881 in 300,960
4 main numbers + Powerball£881 in 5,599
3 main numbers + Powerball£4.501 in 299
2 main numbers + Powerball£21 in 39
0 main numbers + Powerball1x free entry into the next draw1 in 5


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