UK Northern Ireland Secretary warns against setting deadline for restoring powersharing

UK Northern Ireland Secretary warns against setting deadline for restoring powersharing

...By Henry George for TDPel Media.

Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris has said that setting a deadline for the restoration of powersharing in Northern Ireland would be “deadly” and “pointless”.


He added that the focus should be on getting the job done properly to ensure that the executive can remain for a long time when it returns.

The Northern Ireland government has not been functioning since last year when the Democratic Unionist Party withdrew from it in protest over post-Brexit trading arrangements for Northern Ireland.

Labour former minister Kevin Brennan asked if it was time that powersharing was restored and whether a deadline should be considered.

Heaton-Harris replied that it was pointless to set timelines and that getting the job done properly was the right thing to do.

He also mentioned that ongoing formal talks with the parties were taking place and that some issues were best dealt with on a confidential basis.

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Earlier in the House of Commons, DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson highlighted unionist concerns about the EU’s influence in Northern Ireland and how “divergence from UK law” could affect Northern Ireland’s ability to trade with the rest of the UK.


Mr Heaton-Harris gave assurances that the UK government would protect Northern Ireland’s place in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Northern Ireland minister Steve Baker opened the second reading debate of the Northern Ireland (Interim Arrangements) Bill in the absence of local ministers.

The bill seeks to ensure a continuation of the current governance arrangements in Northern Ireland if there is no executive when they expire on June 5.

The UK government is concerned about the long-term sustainability of public finances in Northern Ireland, and departments are facing difficult decisions in the current circumstances.

Analysis and commentaries:

Heaton-Harris’s comments about the “deadly” and “pointless” nature of setting deadlines for restoring powersharing reflect the challenges faced by negotiators in Northern Ireland.

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Deadlines may provide some urgency to the process, but they can also create pressure and ultimatums that may backfire.

Instead, Heaton-Harris emphasizes the importance of focusing on getting the job done properly, which suggests a more measured and deliberate approach.

The ongoing talks and negotiations with the parties involved in restoring powersharing indicate that progress is being made, even if it is slow and not always visible to the public.


Confidentiality may be necessary in some cases to prevent interference and meddling that could derail the process.

Donaldson’s concerns about the EU’s influence in Northern Ireland and the need to protect Northern Ireland’s place in the UK reflect the ongoing tensions and uncertainties surrounding Brexit and its impact on the region.

The UK government’s assurances are important, but they may not be enough to assuage all concerns and fears.

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The Northern Ireland (Interim Arrangements) Bill underscores the challenges of governing without local ministers and the need to ensure continuity and stability in the absence of devolved government.

It is not an ideal solution, but it may be necessary in the current circumstances.

The difficult decisions facing departments highlight the ongoing impact of the political impasse on public services and finances in Northern Ireland.


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