UK Fugitive Arrested in Spain after 7 Years on the Run

UK Fugitive Arrested in Spain after 7 Years on the Run

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. One of the UK’s most wanted criminals, Mark Francis Roberts, has been apprehended in Spain after evading capture for nearly seven years.


The arrest took place in Estepona, Malaga, as a result of a collaborative operation involving the National Crime Agency (NCA), Guardia Civil, and Merseyside Police.

Roberts was discovered during surveillance in southern Spain and subsequently identified and arrested by Guardia Civil officers.

Arrest and Charges:

Mark Francis Roberts, aged 29, was wanted by Merseyside Police for alleged grievous bodily harm and the attempted robbery of a high-value Richard Mille watch worth £60,000.

The incident occurred in September 2016 when the victim was attacked by two men armed with a blade on his home driveway after parking his car.

Despite sustaining life-threatening injuries, the victim courageously refused to surrender his watch.

He underwent critical care treatment for puncture wounds, a collapsed lung, and lacerations.


Roberts, who resided in Freehold Street, Fairfield, Liverpool, at the time, is now in custody awaiting extradition proceedings.

The Most Wanted Campaign and Fugitive Arrests:

Roberts gained notoriety as one of the featured fugitives in the Most Wanted campaign, jointly organized by the NCA, independent charity Crimestoppers, and Spanish law enforcement.

The campaign targeted fugitives with connections to Spain and the Canary Islands.

With Roberts’ arrest, he becomes the eighth fugitive apprehended from the campaign, while six others still remain at large.

The success of Roberts’ arrest is attributed to the diligent efforts of the Guardia Civil and the sustained campaign to trace him.

Analysis and Commentary:

The arrest of Mark Francis Roberts highlights the determination and perseverance of UK law enforcement agencies in pursuing criminals who attempt to evade justice.

Steve Reynolds, the NCA regional manager in Spain, emphasized the collaborative nature of the operation and expressed gratitude to the Guardia Civil for their invaluable contribution.

This successful arrest serves as a testament to the effectiveness of international cooperation in combating crime.


Detective Inspector Katie Coote of Merseyside Police emphasized the importance of the arrest in demonstrating that evading law enforcement is futile.

The ongoing collaboration between Merseyside Police and the NCA played a crucial role in locating Roberts and bringing him into custody.

Coote also underlined the commitment to protecting communities and ensuring the capture of individuals who pose a threat, regardless of the length of time that has passed.

Lord Ashcroft, founder and chair of Crimestoppers, expressed satisfaction with Roberts’ capture, applauding the success of the Most Wanted campaign and the collaboration between the NCA and Spanish law enforcement.

Ashcroft urged the public to continue supporting the campaign by reporting any information on other fugitives.

He reiterated the guarantee of anonymity for those who provide tips through Crimestoppers’ hotline or online reporting platform.

The arrest of Mark Francis Roberts serves as a significant victory for law enforcement agencies and sends a strong message to fugitives attempting to escape justice.

The collaboration between international authorities and the relentless pursuit of criminals exemplify the unwavering commitment to ensuring public safety and upholding the rule of law.


This successful operation provides hope for the resolution of ongoing investigations and the capture of other fugitives.

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