UK Braces for Second Day of Thunderstorms after Flash Flooding

UK Braces for Second Day of Thunderstorms after Flash Flooding

...By Enitan Thompson for TDPel Media.

The UK is set to brace for a second day of thunderstorms after flash flooding in Somerset saw a major incident being declared.


The Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service deployed several resources to the Galhampton, North Cadbury, and South Cadbury areas in response to the flooding, which was resolved by the early hours of Wednesday.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for thunderstorms on Wednesday, with heavy rain, thunderstorms, and hail expected to hit central and eastern areas of Scotland, parts of central, eastern and southeastern England, and southern areas of Northern Ireland.

The weather is expected to ease during the evening.

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In areas where heavy rain develops, 25-30 millimetres of rain is predicted to fall within two to three hours.

Travel may be disrupted by deluges, with driving conditions and rail services affected, while buildings may be damaged by lightning strikes.

Travel Somerset reported that around 88mm of rain fell in just two hours during Tuesday’s “unprecedented flash flood event,” causing significant flooding to highways and making the A359 at Queen Camel impassable.


Water levels will need to drop before further assessments can be made.

The Environment Agency has warned motorists not to attempt driving through flood water, saying that “enough water to fill an egg cup can ruin your engine, leaving you stranded in water and in need of rescue from emergency services”.

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On Tuesday, Basingstoke was battered by hailstorms, while Somerset experienced a “different scale” of rain.

While the Met Office has predicted some sunshine on Thursday, with rain, hail, and thunder breaking out, the weather is set to be “widely settled” from Friday to Sunday.

Analysis and Commentaries

The UK’s unpredictable weather continues to disrupt daily life, with flash flooding in Somerset causing a major incident to be declared.

The Met Office’s yellow warning for thunderstorms on Wednesday raises concerns about potential travel disruptions and property damage from lightning strikes.

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The Environment Agency has reminded drivers not to attempt driving through flood water, highlighting the potential for damage to engines and the need for emergency services to perform rescues.

These weather disruptions serve as a reminder of the importance of preparing for extreme weather events, such as through effective flood prevention measures, adequate insurance coverage, and emergency planning.


As climate change exacerbates extreme weather events, governments and communities must work together to mitigate their impacts and build resilience.

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