UK Announces Additional Visas for Seasonal Fruit Pickers Amid Immigration Policy Debate

UK Announces Additional Visas for Seasonal Fruit Pickers Amid Immigration Policy Debate

...By Henry George for TDPel Media.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has stated that more seasonal fruit pickers will be permitted into the UK if the need arises, following discussions with the Home Secretary on lowering migration.


Speaking at a farming summit in Downing Street, Sunak confirmed that an additional 10,000 visas could be made available, in addition to the 45,000 currently allocated to the agricultural sector.

It mentions the Prime Minister’s announcement of potential additional visas, providing context for the subsequent discussion.

Prime Minister Responds to Farmers’ Needs

Sunak emphasized that the government is addressing the requirements of farmers by offering these extra visas.

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He acknowledged that farmers need certainty and stated that the increased visa numbers would allow them to plan accordingly.

Challenges in the Food Industry and Inflation

During the summit, challenges faced by the food industry, including persistently high prices, were discussed.

An analysis by Which? revealed that while inflation had slightly eased in certain categories, such as milk, butters and spreads, and bakery items, other essential food groups like meat, fish, and vegetables continued to experience monthly price increases.

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Immigration Control and Government’s Stance

Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s recent comments about the importance of controlling legal migration were mentioned.

Downing Street reiterated that the focus on reducing net migration aligns with the government’s approach.

The Prime Minister’s spokesperson emphasized that more Britons should be trained to pick fruit, and the government is also investing in automation to alleviate costs.

Former Food Tsar’s Criticism and Pledge to Protect Farmers

Former food tsar Henry Dimbleby expressed support for Sunak’s pledge to protect farmers, asserting that it was a step in the right direction.

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Dimbleby criticized the government’s previous actions, including the trade deal with Australia, which he believed broke the manifesto commitment to protect UK standards.

Dimbleby criticizes the government’s actions in the past, particularly the trade deal with Australia, and expresses his concerns regarding the government’s approach to agriculture and immigration.


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