Uche Elendu’s Graceful Handling of Social Media Drama Amidst Angela Okorie’s Allegations

Nollywood actress Uche Elendu has addressed the recent outburst from her colleague, Angela Okorie, in a composed and measured manner.


Angela had made several allegations against Uche and her friend, Anita Joseph, on social media in the wake of Uche’s 40th birthday celebration.

However, Uche has chosen not to engage in public reactions, stating that she does not respond to every negative comment directed at her.

Refusing to Engage in Social Media Drama:

In an interview with Punch, Uche Elendu revealed her philosophy of not reacting to every noise aimed at her, comparing herself to a dignified individual who does not bark like a dog.

Despite the social media onslaught, Uche maintains that she sees no need to respond to the allegations as she considers them unworthy of her attention.


Avenues for Resolution in the Nollywood Community:

Uche Elendu emphasized the existence of an appropriate platform for addressing grievances within the Nollywood community.

Instead of turning to social media to vent their frustrations, she believes that Nollywood stars should utilize this formal body for amicable conflict resolution.

By doing so, they can avoid tarnishing their image and reputation in the public eye.

Deterring False Narratives and Brand Damage:

The actress expressed her concern about the misuse of social media, where some individuals resort to spreading lies to damage the reputation of others, with the intention of making them less attractive to potential brand partnerships.

Uche, however, remains steadfast in her belief that a clear conscience will withstand any accusations.


She stays focused on her true identity and chooses not to be swayed by false narratives or public manipulation.

Confidence and Self-Assurance:

Uche Elendu exudes confidence in her response, emphasizing that she knows her worth and that what rightfully belongs to her will come to her in due time.

This self-assurance allows her to rise above the drama and noise on social media, refusing to be affected by attempts to tarnish her image.


Uche Elendu’s composed response to Angela Okorie’s outburst showcases her maturity and level-headedness.

By steering clear of social media drama and focusing on proper channels for conflict resolution, she maintains her integrity and leaves room for a more constructive and positive environment within the Nollywood community.


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